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  • Singing Lessons, Vocal Coaching, Non-Surgical Voice Repair, Based out of Toronto
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Diana's Former and Present Clients Achievements. Where are they now?

Hi Everyone!

In this special edition of our news section, we would like to acknowledge 6 of our former clients and bring to your attention their achievements.

We think that it will be very inspirational for all of you, as some of those clients were, in the past, also voice repair clients.

And here they are:


1998/1999 - Supertash - Singer/Songwriter

Congratulations to our former vocal student Supertash A.K.A Natasha Manarin for releasing two EP's and for her success in the music world at large.
Click below to check out Natasha's Music
We hope that you will enjoy it

Stay Groovy Supertash!

We are Proud of you Natasha!

2007/2008 - Davey Dee
Congratulation to our former voice repair client, Davey Dee, an indie singer/songwriter, recording artist.
For more information about his events, check here for more

Keep on Rockin' Dave!

2010 - Krysta Lee: Singer/Songwriter, Actor
Congratulations to our former Vocal Interactive Workshops participant!
Way to go Krysta!
Congratulations on your TV series debut on (Between Canada)!
Krysta Lee
Way to go Girl!
All the Best,
Diana Yampolsky & the team of The Royans Professional Vocal School

2002 -    - Pop/R&B Artist

Congratulation to the very beautiful and talented Trish.
Her new album "Vacancy" is coming soon.

Stay cool Trish!
All the best from The Royans Professional Vocal School Team!

2014 - Bob Harris - Professional Singer/Songwriter for The Bringers of Swing

Congratulations to Bob, landing a famous producer for the upcoming Rock record in early 2016

"I may be using a rock/jazz guitarist for a show in August with the swing band and come out very heavy and aggressive-- I hope to shake things up and piss some traditional people off--
"I know you'd be proud of me for that :)"
Love & Hugs,

Way to go!  We will show them who we really are, Bob!
Always proud of you!

2002 - Rodney Ronquillo - Singer, Christian Choir Director/Composer, Music Producer

Congratulations to our former vocal student, Rodney Ronquillo and his new wife, Chyrell, starting a new life together!!!

We Love you guys.
Rodney, you are not only a former client, but you are also a dear friend.


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