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  • Singing Lessons, Vocal Coaching, Non-Surgical Voice Repair, Based out of Toronto
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Speaking of Miracles: From Vocal Cord Nodule to Singing in a Choir! “The Impossible Possible Dream!”


Mary Ellen - Voice Repair

This story is about one of my very dear clients, and now friend, Mary Ellen Stoll of Brockville, Ontario. Mary Ellen came to me sometime in Spring of 2016. She told me her story which I would like to share with you, my reader - which, evidently, has a very happy ending.

Mary Ellen told me that at the age of 22, she was diagnosed with a nodule on her vocal cord. She was suggested to undergo a vocal operation and she had undergone it. Her speaking voice, however, never came back to the normal voice she once had. So, at the age of 62, (in a few days, she will be 64), she had retired from being a manager for the Government of Ontario. Her secret desire always was to learn how to sing and, perhaps, even join a choir.., especially since she’s got some free time via her retirement from a very stressful job.

Given that, she decided to visit Brockville’s barbershop-type choir and speak to a choir director. He, right away, told her that she had to work on her speaking voice first and foremost, as he could hear that it was quite damaged. Mary Ellen looked me up on the internet, contacted me over the phone and, shortly after, drove over 4 hours to my studio for her first session. Our voice repair journey had begun!

As per usual, I started working on Mary Ellen’s speaking voice, assuring (via my very special speech exercises - coupled with certain body movements) the proper support, structure, placement and (as a result of the above) projection of her voice to its aimed destination.

The above are components of the wholesome mechanism, which allows the human voice to work in its fullest capacity and, nonetheless, with no pain or strain on the vocal anatomy. In fact, in 1999, the Toronto Star newspaper wrote an article about me, which was titled: “Not As Easy As It Sounds”. Indeed, it is not.

No doubt, it requires a lot of effort and energy from both parties involved - my client and myself. The reward, however, is (by common opinion) priceless - as the voice begins to sound crispy clear with the words well announced and pronounced.

Now it is about the part 2 for those who are interested to embark onto singing… After the speech part was conquered, Mary Ellen returned back to the choir director who, right away, noticed a big difference in Mary Ellen’s speaking voice! Now, he said: “Continue your vocal development and you will be able to join the chorus.”

Nonetheless, Mary Ellen and I had continued our journey through all the seasons of the year; she was driving in the winter time for over 5 hours to and from my studio… After a very hard, but very smart work, both of our efforts paid off a great deal! Mary Ellen joined the group, and have been singing with them ever since -  happily ever after - participating in all kinds of competitions and performances.

Once the “impossible dream”, came true, it gave my dear client and friend health of voice (not to mention the health in general). It also gave her the knowledge of a completely new application of the speaking and singing voice while using the voice by design - concurrently complying with all of the components of the Vocal Science™ method and technique!


Way to go Mary Ellen! Keep on singing Girl!

 Best of voice and best of health now, in the New Year… and ALWAYS!

Happy December Birthday Mary