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  • Singing Lessons, Vocal Coaching, Non-Surgical Voice Repair, Based out of Toronto
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Vocal Science: Latest News Flash: For our Database Members!

Hi Everyone

The Winter is finally here (at least in Toronto, Canada. lol).

It is quite cold outside and a lot of people are staying home and are even hibernating. 

On that note, we are hoping that you will soon wake up from hibernation and, minimum to say, attend our special Vocal Science Exploratory Group Session - (aka, Vocal Science - Vocal Interactive Workshop).

Hurry! We have only 1 spot left.

If it is so and if they have a vocal disorder, it will be a perfect read for them (our new blog below this text). 

Sadly enough, on this list, we have quite a few people with vocal paralysis

So the Blog underneath of this text was written mainly for them, but we believe that it would be good for everybody (especially for those with voice disorders) to read it also.

This blog is not, and will not be published on our site. It will reach all kinds of different sites and will have a much larger audience to embrace the best out of this writing. 

We hope that you all will enjoy it and will derive the right conclusions for yourself and anybody else for that matter who might be involved. 

Please leave us your feedback. It will be greatly appreciated. 

Please see below. 


How To Attend To Vocal Cord Paralysis - What Could Be The Causes & How You Should Deal With Them?

Mainly, vocal cord paralysis occurs after related (and unrelated) surgeries such as, for example: Thyroid removal surgery, spinel fusion and even simple surgical procedures that require surgical intubation (Tracheotomy). Often, those tubes are inserted incorrectly and, as a result, the vocal cord(s) could be damaged and/or paralyzed.


The voice could be easily jeopardized if you have experienced stroke, or even unrelated surgeries, for example, due to even any accident, which requires surgical procedure. Of course if (God forbid) the sufferer had any growths like tumor, or even a simple nodule or polyp on a vocal cord, removal of any of the above could easily cause vocal damage and vocal cord(s) paralysis.

The Vocal Science™ technique is the only alternative way, which could dramatically improve ones’ speech and even singing voice for that matter.  The Vocal Science method is a holistic and alternative approach to voice mechanics.

By the virtue of fact, the method suggests to remove the pressure of the sound from he vocal cords and lift the voice to the alternative muscles, which once put to work together in full conjunction and coordination, will amplify the sound 4 to 5 times over and will employ the wholesome vocal mechanism to work in its fullest capacity and with no pain or strain on the vocal anatomy. The space on the bottom of the throat is also released and thus, allows the room for the natural herbal and homeopathic remedies to work in the full force, which will greatly aid to the patients’ voice/vocal recovery. 

Please be advised that this process of restoration of the voice (after the vocal cords/vocal folds paralysis had occurred) is extremely tedious and intense.

It could be also a very emotional process on the patient’s part. Obviously, their voice is not sounding the same and, at times, it Is difficult for them to pronounce certain syllables. I have seen a lot of tears in my studio/clinic, which sometimes served a positive deed, as after a good cry, the patient had regrouped and caught a second breath, so to speak.

By that point, they got their sadness out of their heart and soul by releasing their emotions and even their voice became lighter and more compliant to the instruction.

A lot of the patients, understandably, possess a lot of ‘stuffed-up’ emotions. That, by itself, could be one of the reasons of their voice disorder. I receive a lot of patients with thyroid problems and even removed thyroids due to cancer. In holistic teaching, the thyroid represents suppressed emotions and hurts.

So, in the first place, they were experiencing something that, emotionally, they could not comprehend.

Majority of the diseases are emotionally induced and then, they manifest in the physical body. For example: A bad marriage could cause a lot of anger and anguish. The human liver (in the holistic understanding) does represent suppressed anger. 

When one of the spouses dies of cancer, it is almost 100 out of 100 that it would be the cancer of thyroid or, even more so, cancer of liver.

That’s, of course, if the marriage was full of disagreements and fights.

So, from our side, we are wishing you peace and harmony in whatever you are doing in your life path. That will keep you happy and healthy & most likely, by osmosis, will keep your voice intact.





So, if anyone of you is interested in the unique approach to speech/singing development or Non-Surgical Voice Repair, Please contact Ms. Yampolsky, at 416-857-8741, or while in the U.K. at: 077-88-989-319, or email us at: Info@vocalscience.com 

We at The Royans Professional Vocal School Thank you for taking the time to read this and other letters.

We greatly appreciate it!