• Singing Lessons, Vocal Coaching, Non-Surgical Voice Repair, Based out of Toronto
  • Singing Lessons, Vocal Coaching, Non-Surgical Voice Repair, Based out of Toronto
  • We provide both preventive and non-operative voice care and maintenance.
  • We offer 4-5 day Super Accelerated Vocal Immersion Courses and Non-Surgical
  • We Can Travel to You to Fix Your Voice!
  • Get your lifetime "Vocal Assurence" Today. Guaranteed to protect your voice.
  • World renouned results in the voice field; based on 30 years of proven science!
  • Vocal Science is not just the Science of Today, it is the Science of the Future.

We Are Flying...With The Ease Of The Eagles!

If you are unable (for whichever reason) to fly to Canada, we will fly to you...

What do we mean by that statement?

Given the political situation nowadays, we have decided to increase our travel regiment to our clients.

Of course, we have done it before when clients were requesting us to do so. Now we are coming to you, (our potential clients), and are offering it to you outright to save you the hassle of traveling to a foreign country and, concurrently, to give you an opportunity to pursue your everyday routines with your children/parents, spouses and, if needed, work.

We also understand that with the advisory being issued for the international air traveling, it became a little scary for some of our potential clients. We, (operating under the “Royans Universe”), feel quite safe to travel to you to fix your voice.

So if the fear of terrorism is preventing you from traveling to us (nevertheless, for a very good deed – to conquer your voice problems), we are more than willing to come to you to solve all of your voice issues. We are reaching out to you to make a New Year’s resolution, (no matter what is happening with you personally or around the world globally), and reward yourself with a new voice, a new rejuvenated spirit and enhanced health overall. 

After all, if you are lacking any of the above, you are not going to be as happy as you can be achieving your goal of becoming a better, well understood communicator or a better singer/performer for that matter. If your spirit is low and you feel (most of the times) upset and depressed, (due to your voice issues), then your life may seem to be losing its meaning. The voice, in fact, (by my definition and common sense in general), is your spirit. It certainly identifies and reflects the state of your being. 

I had voice repair clients in my practice who were trying to take their own lives (multiple times), as nobody could help them with their voice issues or even simply identify their voice problem to begin with, and for many years on end. If the person feels that way and has suffered enough due to their voice disorder, their everyday life becomes a burden to them and, in majority of times, the fear of never being able to fix their voice and to bring it back to its` normal state, supersedes any other fears they may have. 

No advisory and restrictions due to terrorism, or anything else serious like that (for that matter), will ever stop these types of individuals from pursuing their voice treatment or, moreover, a possible cure.

And, I think, (understandably), rightfully so. 

However, for everybody like them and everybody like you, we are still ready to “carry the torch”, so to speak.


We are here if you really need us and we will be there if we are needed.


For additional information about the unique approach to speech/singing development or Non-Surgical Voice Repair, Please contact Ms. Yampolsky, at 416-857-8741, or while in the U.K. at: 077-88-989-319, or email us at: Info@vocalscience.com