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  • Singing Lessons, Vocal Coaching, Non-Surgical Voice Repair, Based out of Toronto
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Amanda Stan: From a Reigning Figure Skater to a Rising Professional Singer/Recording Artist!

Our former Singing Student Amanda Stan...

When and where had all of this started...?

Let's see Amanda’s journey from how she was evolving to where she is now. 

Amanda came to us in 2019, referred by Romanian Singer, now PR Agent, Rucsandra-Maria, who was originally Diana’s Voice Repair Client and Vocal Student in 2008/2009 and out of achieving great results herself, she referred Amanda (who in the process became her client) to Diana for her Masterclasses designed to make even complete beginners to evolve into professional singers. 

Amanda embarked on 30 hours of individual instruction and attended a couple of group workshop summits during the time of the private sessions with Diana. 

Amanda is a former figure skater and, nonetheless, twice became a junior champion of Romania. 

She did tell me from the start that she would like to become a professional singer, so on that premise, we started working towards it. 

Then the Pandemic hit and everything abruptly got stopped. 

However, Amanda had sent me a referral student from whom I found out that Amanda participated in Romanian Idol and made it to the Semi-Finals. 

However, there too, was no luck, as because of the pandemic... that competition got cancelled. 

We uncovered a few pictures from our workshops with Amanda in them. 

Unfortunately, at the moment, we cannot find her pictures and videos from the private sessions.

When it becomes available to us, we will be happy to share it with you. 

We find her journey very inspirational and her as a role model, pertaining to her new and improved image, and new and improved voice, leading her to her dream of becoming a well-known professional singer. 

Way to go Amanda!  


Please see below how Amanda's journey had begun:


Amanda The Figure Skater

Amanda, at the beginning of her journey, taking a Master Vocal Session with Diana Yampolsky. 

Amanda taking instruction during the Healthy Voice/Vocal Workshop Summit!  

"Happy Birthday and happy anniversary!

I'm so grateful to be your student."

 - (Amy) Amanda Stan

Nonetheless, Amanda now has fully embarked onto her musical career and so far, had released her first two singles
Stay tuned for more...