• Singing Lessons, Vocal Coaching, Non-Surgical Voice Repair, Based out of Toronto
  • Singing Lessons, Vocal Coaching, Non-Surgical Voice Repair, Based out of Toronto
  • We provide both preventive and non-operative voice care and maintenance.
  • We offer 4-5 day Super Accelerated Vocal Immersion Courses and Non-Surgical
  • We Can Travel to You to Fix Your Voice!
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Post-Course Letters

Below, please find the Post Course Letters written to us by our students!
Testimonial from Evee Kay, Singer/Songwriter:

"Whether you're starting your singing career, looking for vocal repair or a professional already in the business, Diana has put together magic and with her wizardry, she changes not only the tone but the essence of how you breathe and talk. 

Her system is a challenge but the results are proven. I am working on my third orchestral album and want to record with Diana in the professional recording studio (as she’s also a vocal producer) in order to achieve my absolute best vocal performance. In addition, Diana keeps your determination focused, and assures you will get where you want to be. 

I have to say I am usually that person who sees a squirrel and gets distracted which makes it hard to obtain my goals. However, Diana puts health as a priority. With focus and attention to detail, she makes sure that’s what you need to be more in tune with your physical and mental state. Her remedies and her thorough instruction do just that. Not only am I taking strides in my singing career, the remedies and Diana’s mentoring are also helping me have more focus on my priorities in life. Diana is not only a wizard she is also a friend that I will take with me through my singing success. "

- Love Evee 


"Hello everyone,
I came here after suffering for two years with Muscle Tension Dysphonia. After I spoke for a long time my throat would tighten up and I would have a lot of pain and it started to hurt my confidence at work and it was really messing with my head. So after meeting with a whole bunch of Doctors and ENT's and Speech Therapists, I decided I needed a new approach and that is what landed me here at Vocal Science. After 10 days of diligent and highly directed exercises, my voice is substantially stronger.  I sound so much better, even when I call my family and friends back in States, they notice the difference. They say "Hey you sound great, you sound so much better". But most of all, I have gotten my confidence back and instead of hating my voice and hating speaking, I am looking forward to going back home and falling back in love with my voice. 
I really thank you Diana and thank you to the staff here at Vocal Science for all your help to get me back to where I needed to be. I made more progress in these days than any traditional medical treatment that I have done over the last two years.
I would highly recommend it to any of you that are suffering from any voice issues. 
God has inspired Diana to create a brilliantly simple process in order to address a very complex thing. And while Vocal Science is the most difficult thing I've ever done, it is also the most disarmingly logical process I could've imagined undergoing to begin to restore the health and reliability of my voice. As someone who previously struggled for 20 years to regain the ethereal experience I remembered using my voice to be, and who painstakingly searched for help to do it, it was difficult at first to believe I could possibly have found the person who could help me...and yet, I have. 
For those many years, while I was fortunate to have stumbled across a few (of many) teachers who empathized with my struggle and who offered compassion while telling me the *what* I needed to do, what was perpetually absent was sufficient expertise to guide me through the *HOW.* With each wasted session of speech-level singing or pointless scales, the disconnectedness I felt between my voice as I remembered it, and where I then found myself, only grew. And as my search continued, I learned that those so-called "teachers" were each, perhaps even unknowingly, yet insidiously, deepening that disconnect, and widening that gap to a spectacularly echoey chasm. 
Diana is honest, demanding, gruffly hilarious, pointed, and will not allow herself to be satisfied contributing anything but everything that she has to the process. She doesn't waste time telling you how great you are. Instead, she helps you recognize how great you *can* be...if you'll step into the discomfort you'll no doubt face. You'll have to be willing to bare your skin, but she doesn't ask you to do anything she isn't herself willing to do. She doesn't just hold your hand. She grabs it and doesn't allow you to shake free of it until you've begun experiencing what she's going to tell you from the first moment, is possible. Sweaty palms and all. It is "tough love" at its epitome. 
As a professional coach of more than two decades, I so appreciate and resonate with her candor, dedication, diligence, uncompromising persistence, and transparency. If you're not used to that...and it's been my experience that most people aren't...you may at first feel stunned and even...alarmed. But this is the best part of the whole process. That Diana pulls the most destructive habits from you, brings your awareness to them, then ultimately gives you the tools to get rid of them...for good. And from there (as she likes to say) “the best is yet to come”. 
God bless you, Diana. I appreciate you.
- Daniel Johnson, Voice Repair Client/Singing Student of Nashville, Tennessee

Please see the post-course letter from Shania Shankar - Muscle Tension Dysphonia (MTD) Sufferer from Vancouver, British Columbia.

Shania Letter


Dear Diana,

Thank you so much for the love and guidance you showed me in Toronto. I feel so blessed for this to have been my first time here, and I very much look forward to many more visits ahead.

Although initially I was a bit intimidated from the outset and onwards, I greatly appreciated your raw honesty about my voice. I definitely needed to hear it all, and now have a much better understanding of what it takes to be a good voice user. There’s a lot of work ahead of me, but I know I will achieve it all with you by my side.

Thank you so much for treating me so special during my stay. I am very grateful to have you as a mentor and am thankful to be on this vocal journey with you.

With love,



Please find the Post-Course Letter from Javier Lozano, Muscle Tension Dysphonia Sufferer of Texas, USA.  

"I came with Muscle Tension Dysphonia and over the course of 40 hours, I feel much better. It no longer hurts to speak, I just have to incorporate the speaking technique of Diana Yampolsky's method and teachings. 

Thanks to Diana, I've been able to use my voice in a different way without straining or pain. My voice, while I’m using this method, is no longer strained or tired out. 

Diana is a “wizard” and she definitely gets the job done!

Thank you Diana for all the time and effort you put in helping me develop my speech. Thanks to you I've improved a lot and now have a new method of speaking. It wasn't easy, but it wasn't impossible. Over time I know I will get better, but I need to stick with it in order to develop professional speaking skills. "


Below please find feedback from our aspiring speech and singing student Anastasia J. 

"Diana's teachings are truly a precious gift from the Universe. I am eternally grateful to have the chance to work under her tutelage. Her holistic technique and her talent in this arena have truly helped open me up not only vocally, but also psychologically and spiritually. It is a fascinating process to understand the connection between mind, body, and soul through the power of your voice. I truly don't believe there exists a better guide for that journey, than the one and only - Diana Yampolsky. 

Her brilliant teachings and extremely perceptive approach have been instrumental in helping me face a deep fear of using my voice. With every single lesson I gain more confidence, more inspiration, and more mastery of the self. And truly nothing feels more rewarding than that. Thank you." 
- Anastasia J.  

Michael and Raphaelle Tamura Celebrated Spiritual Teachers, Mentors, Radio Announcers, Clairvoyant Visionaries - from Sacramento, California, USA.  

The last email from our former voice repair/speech/singing clients: 

"Hi Diana and The Royans Gang!!!

I’ve been wanting to write you an update that you could use as a new testimonial for your vocal repair work for a couple of months now—but, I have barely had time to even answer a few emails every several days

So, yes, my voice has been a miracle! It’s become pretty much “normal” about a few months ago, but it continues to evolve. I know that my “paralyzed” vocal cord is no longer paralyzed. Over the years, I have actually felt and “seen” it come back to life. It seems to continue to get better. I can’t promise when I would be able to set aside enough time to write you my updated testimonial for you, but I will do it as soon as I can. But, for today, I wanted to at least reply to your email so you would know we are still alive and well and living in Roseville, CA! Hahahaha…..

I hope you and your “gang” are doing well and have made it through the worst of the pandemic and other on-going global disasters! Thank you for checking in on our well-being!

With appreciation and love,


Learn more about Michael and Raphaelle's voice repair journey by checking out their testimonials, as well as many other testimonials, HERE!

 Alexandra Messick-Kopal (Alex MK),
Up and Coming Singer/Songwriter
from LA California. 
Please see below: 

I was skeptical at the beginning when I first tried Diana's unique method, which is vastly different from any teachers I had tried. After trying so many teachers, I was desperate and my desperation trumped my skepticism. Although I have more work to do, after 100 hours, I can see that Diana's method will take me to where I need to go. The method is everything promised and more. I feel clarity and resonance now when I sing for the first time. I feel a new degree of precision with each note, which has given me more confidence when I sing. I'm not simply guessing and hoping, but knowing, that the note will be in the right place. Most importantly, I don't feel any pain when I sing. Diana also helps me with discipline and perseverance. I am very excited to keep working with Diana in order to accomplish my dreams of becoming a professional singer. I believe she is the only person who can help me achieve my goals.


Noah Weafs (Toronto Local) - Up and Coming Singer/Songwriter 

To date, undergone 96 hours of our unique Vocal Science™ instruction, also using our light supplemental herbal and some homeopathic remedies. 

Below, see his feedback, to date: 

"During those incredible sessions, I evolved immensely on every level of my being, and most prominently, vocally! I could see myself on the road to my success of becoming a professional musician/performer/singer. Diana's method has been definitely a missing link in my vocal abilities, without which, I would not be able to embark to the next level and fully realize my vocal potential.  I'm very excited and looking forward to fully mastering this method while developing my speaking and singing voice to its full capacity. 


Thank you to Diana and your Vocal Science Method!"


Check out a Post-Course Letter from Kevin Howard; Musician, Singer, Songwriter.

Kevin has undergone our Super Accelerated Vocal Immersion Course of 10 hours. 

Please see below: 

Being engaged in producing my lockdown CD, I sought professional instruction, to bolster my vocal performance. During my course of study with Diana, she analyzed and enabled me to improve numerous aspects of my vocal performance including warm-up, posture, embouchure and mask.

Subsequent recording sessions have rendered significantly improved results: my voice is stronger, clearer and able to resonate freely.

For anyone that needs to 'up their game' vocally, I highly recommend contacting Diana and engaging in a course of study. Absolutely the best investment I have made in my singing.

Kevin Howard

Dr. Vera C of Detroit USA - Voice Loss/MTD Sufferer! 
On August the 19th Vera just completed her 40-hour Super Accelerated Voice Repair Course journey during which she recovered and enhanced the quality of her voice.
Her voice loss was caused by enormous emotional stress, strained vocal cords, whereas all of the above, in turn, had caused Muscle Tension Dysphonia (MTD) disorder.
Please read Vera's feedback below: 
After 28 Hours: 
“I am very, very thankful and grateful for Diana’s help. I never imagined this kind of dramatic improvement of my voice in such a short time period. 
I’m really happy and grateful that I’ve been able to find Diana and work with her and be able to make my voice come out. I was very worried and very frustrated after a long time, about a year, of having a very weak voice and now I’m really happy that my voice is coming back. Thank you!”
After 40 Hours:  
“Dear Diana, 
I really want to express a huge thank you to you. Before I came here I had been suffering from a very low voice, very weak pronunciation and pain in the throat for a long time, about a year. Then when I found you on the website, my hope started to grow because I’m thinking even after seeing ENT doctors and trying a bunch of different things, I couldn’t really imagine myself being stuck in that kind of situation for too much longer, I really wanted to try something that would work! So you helped me grow new hope and I am so glad that I took this step to actually come to you and the past 8 days have been just amazing! As you can hear now, I am much more confident in my voice because it is much much louder, so thank you again so much for bringing out, not only my original voice but also teaching me a lot of new ways to express myself more effectively and more confidently. So I say thank you a thousand times!”
See and witness Vera's successful journey in our video link below:


Some of you are already familiar with the name of Aubrie Morris of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, USA who originally came to us in November 2019. 
She came to us with the diagnosis of Muscle Tension Dysphonia (MTD). 
Please read below Aubrie’s story, which she just shared with us and now with you, our reader.
Once you read it, please give us your feedback and let us know what you think of this incredible person and her inspirational journey.
Read her full Post-Course Letter here. 

We would like to present to you a hand-written letter of appreciation from Aubrie Morris, our former voice repair client and previous sufferer of Muscle Tension Dysphonia (MTD) - from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA.

Letter From Aubrie M


I can't believe I met you, I can't believe it's true. The pain I once severely had is gone because of you. I prayed for nights, weeks, and days and God sent finally an answer to these cries of mine. A true friend just for me.

You are truly the one and only Diana Yampolsky.

Always and forever your student and a future product of Vocal Science - Aubrie


A message from Zelda A - Spasmodic dysphonia sufferer from Brampton, Ontario, Canada.

I don't know where I would be if I did not find you..
In the last couple of days, I finally have people saying that I sound so much better than before. It's so good to hear that...a true blessing!
I will definitely be doing a review with 100 stars if I could!...

Check out the latest voice recovery video of Zelda A, former Spasmodic Dysphonia Sufferer.

Click HERE to read her extensive testimonal.


Latest letter from Mary Ellen Stoll – Former Speech and Singing Voice Repair Client from Brookville, Ontario – Now an active member of the Broovkville Barbershop Chorus (Thousand Islanders Chorus).

Mary Ellen - Testimonial

Hi Diana,

I just wanted to let you know I survived about 10 different Xmas singing events with the chorus WITH NO IMPACT ON MY VOICE; and for some of those events, we were singing outside in all types of weather - (Christmas parades and Xmas tree lighting etc.)


"I Can Now Sing Without Destroying My Voice!" | Rodney's Vocal Science Testimonial!

We would like to express a big thank you to our former vocal student of 2002, Rodney Ronquillo, for his kind words about his coach and mentor, Diana Yampolsky, on a Facebook Livestream! That was an unexpected but extremely pleasant surprise. 


Rodney R - Vocal Science Singing Student



Rodney came to us in 2002, inspired by few former students of ours who, after acquiring our services, made it quite big in the Philippines, Canada and Germany. Before enrolling in our Super Accelerated Vocal Immersion Course, Rodney was playing piano and arranging music - but had never sung in his life before. 

Upon completion of our course, Rodney returned back to his church and introduced his newly-found singing skill. 

The church-goers who knew Rodney for some time exclaimed: “Rodney, you are such a good singer! Why did you hide it from us all this time?” 

Rodney replied: “Because I never knew how to sing before until I met Diana!”

Now, 17 years later, Rodney is still singing, playing piano and arranging music and, evidentially, not forgetting who opened for him the whole new world of singing; and that is what made him able to express his beautiful mind, heart and soul, along with his beautiful voice.


Christian, Kevin and Jay - from the band “No Big Deal”!

Christian, Kevin and Jay came to us to attend our Vocal Science™ Healthy Voice/Vocal Workshop.

They were referred to us by our former vocal students - the members of the illScarlett band, signed with Sony BMG Music Canada.

Below, please find their video testimonials


Christian - Musician/Band member  

(Bass Guitarist for 'No Big Deal' -from Mississauga, Ontario, Canada)


Kevin - Musician/Band member  

(Guitarist for 'No Big Deal' - from Ontario, Canada)


Jay - Musician/Band member  

(Lead singer for 'No Big Deal' - from Mississauga, Ontario, Canada)




Michael Tamura - Celebrated Spiritual Teacher, Mentor, Radio Announcer, Clairvoyant Visionary & Award-Winning Author of "You Are The Answer" - from Sacramento, California, USA.

Michael Tamura left our institute for non-surgical voice repair about 28 days ago.

That is what he wrote to us after he attended 30 hours of our very unique voice instruction coupled with natural herbal and some homeopathic treatment.

Michael J Tamura

"My voice has gone through several stages since my sessions with you. It continues to improve and pretty much everyone who has known me long enough has noticed a marked improvement. Several people have told me that my voice now sounds as much as 80% of what it was before my vocal injury.

Yes, the best is yet to come!

See you soon!

With love and laughter,




Michael J Tamura

Above is an image of Michael singing and playing the guitar during his deep-diving SHAPE Retreat Intensive.

This image was taken approximately 2 months after Michael’s voice recovery.

Awesome retreat, Michael and Raphaelle!!

Keep smiling, "biting" and singing at all times!

The best is yet to come!!



Maggie (Arielle) Y, University of Toronto Graduate, Digital Marketing Expert.

Maggie had been traveling (for three weeks period of time) to Korea, China and Japan. Ms Yampolsky inquired about Maggie’s voice condition and below is Maggie’s reply:

Arielle Y - Former Muscle tension Dysphonia

“I probably had the best voice during my trip (likely due to mu mind/body/spirit alignment and liberation!)…


For nearly 10 years, Maggie had suffered from the Muscle Tension Dysphonia voice disorder. She tried numerous of treatments and nothing had worked.

After 30 hours of the Vocal Science™ instruction and treatment, Maggie also undergone 30 more hours of maintenance.

So now it looks like she reached her full voice recovery and restoration!


Way to go Maggie (New Arielle)!


Veronika H. Up and Coming Singer from Newmarket, ON 

 32 hours (to date) of vocal instruction under Diana Yampolsky’s guidance.

Veronika - Voice Repair

“I'm Diana Yampolsky's student. With her help, my childhood dream to sing is becoming a reality and I am eternally grateful for her to accepting me as a pupil and teaching and guiding me in a process. With her unique method of Vocal Science I am moving forward, trusting her fully,  and witnessing a transformation, that's happening to me with many "Aha" moments along the way. 

I used to sing, or shall we say, making attempts to do so, with a high pitch,  because my speaking voice was very deep and raspy, and I couldn't sing with that. But both those options were incorrect, and I  am learning that there is a special place where exists a beautiful and powerful voice and pure sound.  But I have to completely let go of old habits and learn new skills.

Can't adopt those old systems to work with new modules. Very excited and looking forward to learning this new language,  that will allow me to share with others my feelings through singing, as I also started to write songs in a process!!!… God Bless you Diana with good health, prosperity and happiness, I  can't express enough my gratitude,” 





Our former voice repair client “Rich Wallen (GC Boy)” sharing his experiences of the adaptation of the Vocal Science™ method with a potential client from Arizona, USA.

Rich (GC Boy) W - Voice Repair

"Greetings. When I first met with Diana I was a bit skeptical.  I arrived on a Sunday for a group session and was a bit confused by the end of the day.
On Monday morning we started, and I was still a bit confused.  We did a lot of talking/visiting (very friendly and lots of life experience), and began the voice studies.  I discovered that she used this time to evaluate my voice, my personality, my psyche to use it in her application of the method she uses with her students. By the end of the two sessions on Monday, I was very tired...not vocally at all because my voice was beginning to get better, but mentally and physically from the application and the training.  Again, my voice was starting to improve with use.  It was the strangest thing.  By the end of Tuesday, I was understanding her concepts and on Wednesday I was speaking differently and understanding what she was working to accomplish in me.  I was not able to sign up for the complete training but Diana and Jamie were very generous in giving me all they could in the time that I had registered for.  I look forward to returning as soon as I can to complete my training with her.
When I came home, I noticed I was able to sing higher notes and sing stronger than I had been able to in a long, long time.  I was really in shock.  I went to Toronto with hopes of getting better, but all the while afraid because of what my doctor had said that I would not be able to.  But, in the 4 days that I was there, it started to click.  I'm using the techniques regularly but I had to back off the supplement program due to my blood pressure issues as there was a bit of conflict.
I assure you, I have NO benefit whatsoever in giving you this information.  The benefit to me is that someone else might be able to be helped by her abilities as much as I was helped.  And, I'm not finished.  I fully plan on going back to complete the training with her.  I'm so happy now for the improvements I am seeing that I want to do more.
I understand your concerns about understanding her and she does speak fast.  I have a bit of trouble on the phone but in person, I was able to communicate just fine after I got used to her.  I did have to ask her to repeat a few times and clarify but we were able to work through that with no issue.
I consider her a friend now.  After she saw that I was willing to work, to do everything that she told me to do, try and try and try some more, that I was trusting her and doing what she said to do even when it didn't make sense, she warmed up to me more than any voice person I had ever studied with.  She won't waste time if you are not willing to work and I assure you she has your best interests as a singer at the forefront of whatever she is doing.  She is not an easy taskmaster, but she is an EFFECTIVE taskmaster if you will just do what she says.  Trust me, it will not make sense at first and I don't know you so I do not aim to predict how you will grasp her methods, but they do work.  I'm still doing the warmups on a regular basis, and hearing things she had said to me when I position myself to sing.
I encourage you to see her in person but if you don't trust and follow her instructions you will be frustrated.  You have to relax, obey, repeat, repeat, repeat and repeat until you grasp what she is saying.  I did the famous us voice coach method with at least three people.  Nashville, LA and Chicago.  Minimal changes to my voice, as my singing just got worse and very expensive for what I walked away with.  I'm 57 years old and after getting to work with Diana I have been given hope again for the possibility of getting most of my voice back and being able to do what I love:  sing, record and perform.
If you want to call me, email me back and maybe sometime on Wednesday afternoon we can talk.  I know, I'm just a stranger across the country, but if you can see my videos from when I was there with her and know that I really was there, really went through the gruelling training, yet came home with the hope that things are going to get better for me.
Richard Wallen
Gc Boy"






Sue Chick D: Singer/Songwriter from Canmore, Alberta.

I came to you with a hemorrhagic vocal polyp and with intense vocal fatigue.  Surgery had been recommended and I was on the wait list for that surgery.  I was getting hoarse quickly and my range was diminished from what I know I can produce as a singer.  Speaking wore me out in no time.  I went to Ontario with the attitude that if this experience did not fix me, at least I would be in a stronger place to recover after surgery.   I spent 30 hours with Diana one on one, and she worked me extremely hard.  It was exhausting and at times frustrating, but I clung to her words (and still cling to them) - "Ahead and only ahead".  

Since that experience in May, I have not experienced vocal fatigue almost at all.  (once or twice when my overall self was fatigued).  My voice has been reliable and I am able to teach, direct my choir and interact with my family as I used to before the injury.  My singing voice has been dramatically strengthened and is more reliable although it is still on its way back to where it was.  I am blown away by the results of my time working with Diana.  What's more, I went last week for another scope of my vocal cords and the hemorrhagic polyp that was so clearly there in February is entirely gone.  It has dissolved completely.  
Diana told me to expect this but I will be honest and say that I did not expect it, and I am so deeply thankful. Working with Diana was at times very difficult, but her unshakeable confidence that we can achieve results non-surgically pushed through and has been proven - in many other testimonies and now in mine.

I wish you all the best, with gratitude. Ahead and only ahead.
Sue Chick D
Canmore Alberta



Frank B  Owner of Woodland Organics - Former Voice/Vocal repair client from North-Edmonton, Alberta Ontario Canada.

Hi Diana,

It’s hard to believe that in March it will be two years since I was there in Toronto with you.

As far as my voice is concerned, it is slowly improving. It is definitely better than it was two years ago. In fact, my speaking voice is almost back to normal. And when it comes to singing, I’m slowly improving there too.

Thank you once again for all that you have done for me to help get my voice back.

Gratefully yours,

Frank -


Rich (GC Boy) W  Professional Singer/Songwriter from Chicago US,
Rich (GC Boy) W - Voice Repair
“Just another quick thank you. Sang twice over the weekend, backup mostly, but I was singing stronger and clearer. All thanks to you….and Jamie, of course.
I ran a couple of our videos on Instagram this past weekend, encouraging people to contact you.
Thanks again !!! "

Rich (GC Boy) Wallen
– Professional Singer/Songwriter & Pastor from Chicago, Illinois.

-  Please see below to find 2 audio clips of Rich's voice as he improves his vocal control while performing his original tracks -

Maggie (Arielle) Yuan, University of Toronto Graduate, Digital Marketing Expert.

"Since being diagnosed with muscle tension dysphonia 7 years ago, I had given up hope after seeing various speech therapists and doctors with no results. It was only after discovering Diana and taking up on her unique approach that I finally began to witness real changes and drastic improvements in my voice. She was able to lift my voice to a completely new set of facial muscles and holistically heal my damaged vocal cords. It's by no means an easy or quick fix, but she definitely has the real and only solution I know. The great improvements in my voice after just a few set of hours have proven her methods truly do work. Diana has given me restored hope in fully recovering my voice from MTD!"   

Joan C - Fitness Instructor.
Spasmodic Dysphonia Sufferer from Etobicoke, ON, CA
Joan C - Fitness Instructor - Spasmodic Dysphonia Sufferer's Testimonial


:- April 8th - 2018 -: 

 - Vocal Science Exploratory Group Session -



Alisa B.
 Voice repair client and attendee of the July 8th Healthy Voice/Vocal Workshop.

 Alisa B  -  Voice Repair
This workshop was a lot of fun. It’s definitely very beneficial to see Diana working with other people. I learned a lot just by observing the improvement process. I was able to better understand how the positioning of the body works together with the voice & with vocal production in general. I was presently surprised with the results!

Rich (GC Boy) 
 Professional Singer/Songwriter from Chicago US, voice repair client and attendee of the July 8th Healthy Voice/Vocal Workshop.
Rich (GC Boy) W - Voice Repair

It was good being a part of the workshop today.
I had initially signed up for some time with Diana for private sessions, but I was privileged to be here schedule-wise for the workshop and it was a good starter for me. It helped me to open up; see others that were going through the same kinds of voice problems; helped me begin to understand where we are going. So It was very helpful being with the group and watching others receive the same corrections and same changes in their stance and other modifications. I am glad that I came to this workshop.

 An attendee of the July 8th Healthy Voice/Vocal Workshop.

Veronika - Voice Repair
It was a pleasure participating in yet another workshop and experience a different aspect of the same concept. it is interesting how each workshop gives me a different perspective and deeper understanding with what I am working with (my voice) and giving me the tools to improve. Participating in the workshop allows me to “stay in the game” and am waiting for the moment to be able to partake in extensive classes with Diana; and thus embark upon a change in my life in a big way.
Francine R 
Attendee of the July 8th Healthy Voice/Vocal Workshop.

Francine R - Voice Repair

I originally came to see Diana because I was having some difficulty at times with my speech. While speaking, I was often losing my breath at the end of a sentence. In this workshop, I was really surprised when I was even able to sing; and not only that, I was holding notes for quite a long time in just this one workshop.
It was quite interesting to see the other participants and seeing the corrections that Diana was able to make with them and  how it improved the individuals voice production that she was correcting. We were all observing each other; and therefore we were able to correct our own voices. Now I am definitely considering coming for private lessons!



letter from Mary Ellen Stoll – Former Speech and Singing Voice Repair Client from Brookville, Ontario – Now an active member of the Broovkville Barbershop Chorus (Thousand Islanders Chorus).

Mary Ellen - Testimonial

Thought I would share with you the note I sent to the Thousand Islanders Chorus today. And of course none of this would be possible without you and your Vocal Science technique!

"Happy Canada Day weekend Diana :)

Our performance on Sunday at Shanley United Church was triumphant! I couldn't tell if we produced overtones or not but the sound in that 125 year hall of worship was extraordinary."



Letter from Mary Ellen Stoll – Former Speech and Singing Voice Repair Client from Brookville, Ontario.

Mary Ellen - Testimonial

Diana - that every time I go to chorus practice or practice at home I am so surprised by the quality of the sound that comes out of my mouth :). The hours of both our efforts have paid off. I still have to work at it but WOW. Just thought you would want to know.


Lisa O:

High School French teacher from Stouffville, Ontario Canada

Vocal Science - Case Study Banner

(Case Study log entry #1)

To read the extended version of her case study, click HERE.

Friday, May 18, 2018 and Monday, May 21, 2018

When I attended the first introductory session and first lesson with Diana, I really didn’t know what to expect.  I had read many reviews and testimonials but I didn’t really know much about her technique besides that it was innovative.  I wasn’t sure what the title “Vocal Science” had to do with anything.

I was first struck with Diana’s straightforward manner.  She tells it like it is.  I appreciate people who are direct.  Constructive criticism is the only way to really learn and improve.  She had a clear grasp of my potential and where I might be able to take my voice.  I’ve never had any aspirations to turn my singing into something on a professional level, but I appreciated that her lessons were measured (I wasn’t going to be taking endless lessons for years) and defined (we were going to go from A to B).

When we began the exercises, I started to get a feel for what her technique was about.  It was quite different from what my limited foray into voice lessons had taught me.  Diana’s method made sense from a scientific and mathematical standpoint; for example, tying the diaphragm and the breath to the facial muscles, bypassing the strain on the vocal chords.  Also, her visualization of circles of sound, to me, seemed set on a mathematical grid, an x-y axis, with the height and breadth defining the sound.  Her technique also made sense to me from a physical level — the athletic posture to enhance breathing, not the traditional stance of vocal instruction emphasizing the extension of the diaphragm.  Being a math teacher and someone always interested and involved in fitness, all of this appealed to me.

While the system seem elegant and straightforward, putting it into practice was something else entirely.  It sounded easy, but was ever so hard to implement.  It’s like superimposing puzzle pieces to allow one small beam of light to pass through.  It’s the alignment of breath, of musculature, of sound, of position.  With Diana’s direction, if you are able to lock all of those things down, you can definitely hear an immediate effect.  It’s like turning on a switch.  Her exercises are an attempt to engrain all of these elements into muscle memory so that it eventually becomes second nature as a singer (or speaker), and something that a speaker/singer can apply to any vocal scenario/song.

- To read the extended version of her case study, click HERE. -


Davida F - Manager, Partner Programs at End to End Networks - Strained Vocal Cords & Muscle Tension Dysphonia client from Aurora Ontario Canada.

Davida F - 34th Anniversary Workshop Participant

(Sent to us on May 14th, 2018)

"Happy Mother’s Day Diana! Hope you had a lovely weekend with your daughter and grandkids. As for my voice, it is great and holding up wonderfully, which is such a nice relief!!"



:- May 6th - 2018 -: 

 - Vocal Science Exploratory Group Session -

- Sue Denton: Singer, Songwriter from Canmore, Alberta

"So within the workshop today, there were six of us. And to me personally, it was really interesting to see the method applied to other people as an observer; and to watch how some of the women here were really able to step out of (kind of) hiding their voice, into a place where they are projecting with confidence; even within only a few exercises being conducted by Diana.
That was excellent!" 


Dr Eloïse C. Ashworth - Marine Scientist, Science Communicator & Improviser.

First of all, thank you Diana and Jamie for introducing me to Vocal Science. It was an amazing experience. I’ve learnt a lot about myself and how body language matters with regards to communication (singing, talking). I saw how I could improve and it was exciting to learn and feel the difference. And thank you so much for giving me advise. Also, thank you for your patients answering all of my questions. I will come back as soon as I can. Thank you again. It was a pleasure meeting you and seeing first hand the good you do for people, helping people find their voice and “fly to the universe”. It’s amazing!


Angela Horne - Creative Soulutions Coach, Artist, Author, Intuitive/Medium

"Attending the workshop today for Vocal Science was absolutely amazing! A lot was learned from our teacher Diana and from the gals attending to this particular workshop. It was about learning how to actually lift the voice. It was also fascinating to watch the very interesting assistance that everyone was getting while being in the class. It was mind-blowing to learn what can actually be done to assist one’s voice - speaking and singing. So it is very much appreciated with lot’s of gratitude, as I learned for a fact that I actually have a voice; and also that we all have a voice and it can be levelled-up. So thank you Diana and to everyone that has participated today. It has truly been a pleasure.”


Maggie Y, University of Toronto Graduate, Digital Marketing Expert.

 Arielle Y - Former Muscle tension Dysphonia

"The workshop was a phenomenal experience. I've learned so much and improved my voice drastically in just a few hours. Diana also brought out my singing voice somehow -- I still can't believe I had such a voice within me! Learning from others in the workshop greatly added to the depth of the experience. Diana made sure we all had a chance to "shine" and took care of us (and our voices) throughout the day with her incomparable expertise and generosity. I'll definitely be back to attend another workshop in the future, not only for Diana's unique and miraculous method but also just to be in her presence!"


Veronika From North York Ontario, Canada - Future Vocal Science Program Student!

"This is my 3rd workshop that I am attending and I am extremely grateful to Diana for facilitating this. It’s an amazing journey into the actual science of Vocal Science - the possibilities we all possess. But without the proper teaching or coaching, we will not be able to acquire the proper speaking and singing. So I am extremely grateful again for another opportunity to practice all of that. Thank you Diana."

 Ethelrida Cumpio Zabala Laxa - Singer/Songwriter from Toronto, Canada.!

First of all, I would like to say thank you very much to Diana for making me part of this workshop. I really learn a lot every time I join these workshops. It’s always a learning experience and it’s always a privilege (all women this time, in this particular case). I’ve learned techniques with Diana; and was able to internalize them all together. Her method is one in a million and if you suffer from voice problems, she could diagnose what’s wrong with your voice and teach you how to speak and or sing properly and bring out the best in you. She is amazing. Thank you very much Diana.

Jon Synnestvedt:
Singer/Songwriter from Detroit Michigan.


(After 10 hours of instruction and treatment)
"Diana, I am looking forward to our next session together. With your guidance, I have made some noticeable improvements since my first time working with you and am working my way back to heal my voice from the damage I've inflicted upon myself after singing improperly all these years. 
See you soon!"
- Jon

- Second letter to us  from Jon -

"Hi again Diana,

I can't wait to get back down there to you.

I was singing today and said to myself,

"that sounds pretty freaking good! Holy crap!"


Bob Harris:
Professional Singer Voice Repair Student of 2014, from Colorado, USA.

"Hey Diana. As far as your work, that is God given and you can do that anywhere. People that contact you to possibly work with you are in a stuck position-- they have to decide many times whether to ignore the "conventional" wisdom and go the medical route or to take a leap of faith and work with you. 

I think all of the people that have worked with you, the inner voice was strong enough to follow no matter what. I think the hard part is putting the "what ifs" aside and doing what we believe our inner voice is saying and having faith that it will work out if we respect ourselves"


Mary Ellen Stoll – Former Speech and Singing Voice Repair Client from Brookville, Ontario – Now an active member of the Brookville Barbershop Chorus.

Mary Ellen - Testimonial

“Got another compliment on my ’lovely voice’ from the section lead in the chorus at rehearsal this week! We are learning ‘What A Wonderful World’; a beautiful arrangement of a favourite of mine. 

By the way, I talk about my successful voice repair all the time. So if you need help with your strained vocal chords, I can highly suggest Diana Yampolsky and her Vocal Science method. She's in Newmarket -- check her out at VocalScience.com. She has done wonders for my damaged voice!”

Bob Harris:
Professional Singer Voice Repair Student of 2014, from Colorado, USA.

- 3 years later -


Hi Diana and all,

The merriest of Christmas season to all of you. Diana, not a day goes by that I don't think of you and thank my lucky stars that I was led to you. A gigantic hug to you!





Veronica From North York Ontario, Canada - Future Vocal Science Program student & attendee of our December 3rd Holiday Voice/Vocal Interactive Workshop!

December 3rd Workshop Participant - Veronica

I attended a vocal workshop that Diana Yampolsky ran this past weekend. 

Saying "amazing" or "incredible" will be understatement.

When I was learning to play piano at the music school I had to take singing classes as part of curriculum. But I was so bad, that teacher told me to only open my mouth and not make a sound! No one actually took time to explain what singing is all about, mechanics of It, or bother with actual teaching.

Now I understand that no one new Diana's revolutionary method, neither they had her gifts to hear, see and coach a rookie to become a professional singer.

She was able to help me produce such an incredible sound that for a moment I thought I am Cher!...

I also realized that one weekend is not enough and I am planning to take a recommended by Diana course, to be able to sing for myself or friends with confidence and comfort for everyone's ear.

Nevertheless, one thing for sure: Listening songs on a radio became bothersome experience, as now I can hear all the unprofessional sounds, originated either using vocal cords and putting them under excessive pressure or simply using the nose to produce the sound!

 Diana, it is no doubt that most of the singers are lacking your professional and phenomenal coaching!

Thank you again!

- Veronica



Ethelrida Cumpio Zabala Laxa

Singer/Songwriter from Toronto, Canada. - Former student of 1990 & attendee of numerous healthy Voice/Vocal Interactive Workshops!

December 3rd Workshop - Ethelrida

"My dream is to come to some money and record all the songs I have written with Diana in the studio, guiding me to my best performance!"

"I originally became Diana's student in 1990 and I have never lost touch with her. And now, almost 30 years later, I am again participating in her workshop! All of those workshops (in the past and now) are very enlightening and very Godly in their nature. In fact, I was working with Diana on a song I have written which is called 'God, Please Call My Name'.

Thank you Diana for all the years of our business relationship and mainly our friendship."

- Ethel



Jennifer H from Markham Ontario, Canada - Present and past Non-Surgical Voice Repair client and attendee of numerous healthy Voice/Vocal Interactive Workshops -

December 3rd Workshop Participant - Jennifer

I first came to Diana at The Royans Professional Vocal School over 10 years ago. At that time I had a nodule on one of my vocal cords. My singing was effected a lot and it was very frustrating for me, as I loved singing and sung from a very early childhood.

Not only was Diana able to get rid off my nodule non-surgically, but she also taught me how to sing properly and then was also acting as a vocal producer at one of Toronto's prominent studios “Phase One" where she recorded with me 2 quite difficult songs- one by Witney Huston - Run To You" and one by Elena Miles-"Black Velvet".

Then many years later due to a lot of stress at work and also excessive speaking and singing (also singing in a band) I acquired muscle tension dysphonia. Upon recommendation of my doctor, I went to a speech therapist and after spending a lot of money got absolutely nothing out of that.

Last year I returned back to Diana and now both - my speaking and my singing voices are fine and I feel that my voice in general is now very healthy. Diana also helped me with her great knowledge of natural remedies which I am still taking to keep my voice in tact and in its best shape.

Thank you very much, Diana.

I am happy with my voice and my life now,

- Jennifer



Mary Ellen from Brookville Ontario

Mary Ellen - Testimonial

Dear Diana,

I feel the need to tell my story as there are many people who could benefit from your help, however, they are not sure if they can be helped or are scared to take the first step.

Please believe that if you have voice damage of many sorts that Diana's unique approach will be able to help you.

Almost 40 years ago I damaged my vocal chords and after suffering for a number of months with a very unacceptable voice I had surgery to remove vocal chord nodules. Over those next 40 years my voice – although it was "repaired" – became my Achilles heel. I had innumerable cases of laryngitis and learned to live with a hoarse and rough voice.

After retiring several years ago, I wanted to return to singing in a chorus. However, after several months of singing with the chorus it became clear that I could damage my voice even further if I continued to sing, and that my singing voice had significant issues. So I went searching for help.

I feel extremely blessed that I found Diana and was able to travel to Newmarket from where I live near Ottawa and experience her techniques.  First we used Diana's vocal science technique and her herbal remedies to work on my speaking voice.  Although this as a significant amount of effort on both our parts, the end result has been a great joy for me!  Friends I have known me since I was a teenager have commented on my voice, which has been repaired to the point that I sound 40 years younger!

While working with Diana I also continued to go to choral practice to learn the music, although I was not singing.  The chorus director at one point told me – after he heard my new speaking voice – that he could hear the music in my speaking voice, and would be thrilled to have me back once I was finished.

Diana has been working with me to translate my new speaking voice into a new and improved singing voice. I cannot believe the tone, clarity and power I have in my singing voice now. So thrilled that I am able to debut this new voice with the chorus as we prepare for the rigours of multiple Christmas performances.

My journey to a new voice has been rigorous and not without setbacks. I am beyond ecstatic as to what I have been able to accomplish with Diana's help.

I am forever in your debt. 

- Mary Ellen Stoll


Todd ORLANDO Perusini
Former Voice Repair Client (2008)
"Nodule on my chords" - by his own definition.
Below is a hand written letter from Todd.
Todd ORLANDO Perusini-Testimonial
Davy Bayuk
National award-winning singer/songwriter and musician from Niagara Falls, Canada!


I feel so vocally empowered after Diana's sessions and workshop and I still am enjoying getting better and being at this level.

I am certainly grateful to Diana for making me overcome any of my vocal shortcomings and give me the ability to confidently sing better and safer and more easily. I give thanks for and use that gift every day!

Blessings, Davy.


Mary Ellen from Brookville Ontario

"Yes Diana. Got home safely yesterday afternoon. And then off to chorus practice."

Mary Ellen - Testimonial

Had NO voice problems or soreness and felt very comfortable. Had several comments about my lovely voice. All good!


:- October 22nd - 2017 -: 

 - Vocal Science Exploratory Group Session -


November 22nd Vocal Interactive Workshop

Below are some of the testimonials with respect to their insight on the educational and informative workshop which took place on October 22nd of 2017.




Peter Morrell. -Vocal Science Workshop Participant


Peter Morrell from Markham, Ontario Canada - Present and past student and attendee of numerous Voice/Vocal Interactive Workshops.


I had such a wonderful day and wonderful time at this latest Vocal Science Workshop. Amazing things happen in these workshops; & today was no different, as we saw a lot of people who had issues with their voice and I have witnessed Diana taking their voices to the next level. We had some participants discover their vocal potential which they had no idea they actually had.

I do encourage everyone to come out and try one of these workshops, as I myself have experienced some really good results and improved my voice speaking as well as singing.


 Jeremy G - Workshop Participant

Jeremy - Canadian Military - From Toronto, Ontario Canada.


This workshop has been very eye-opening for me. I never really thought that I could project my voice in a way that would be suitable for people to hear in an audience level. But here, in only a few hours, we were able to really determine what exactly it is that I can do with my voice. Great session today. Definitely appreciate it!




 Mary Ellen - Workshop Attendee


Mary Ellen from Brookville Ontario - Present and past student and attendee of several Voice/Vocal Interactive Workshops.


My voice, my speaking voice, is a testament to the work that Diana puts in each and every person. I started attending Diana's sessions with damaged vocal cords and structure; and she has helped me rise above that in many ways!

Today's workshop was a wonderful way to connect with other people who are on similar journeys’ and to try and help all of us to reach our vocal potential!




Sergei - Workshop Attendee


Sergei Lekoutovich - Singer/Songwriter from Toronto, Ontario Canada.


"Just finished participating in this workshop with Diana and I feel definitely more in-tune with my voice and feel more confident and generally happier”.



Ross N:  Spasmodic Dysphonia Sufferer from Ottawa, ON.
After 22 hours of instruction and natural herbal treatment.

Ross N & Diana YampolskyRoss N & Diana Yampolsky

"#1, Diana, you’re the best!

#2, Dr. Morton Cooper is the second best, also because he never addressed the breathing mechanism, which I understand is very important in treating this disorder.

#3, “Botox”…?"

Stay tuned for more…


 -Vocal Science Exploratory Group Session Testimonials- 

Group Picture - October 1st 2017 workshop

Below are some of the testimonials from the participants of our fun and educational Healthy Voice Workshop Summit, which took place on October the 1st, 2017 

Richard Doria - Oct 1st Workshop Participant

Richard Doria - Former Singing Student, Singer, Songwritter From: 

For me it was a good day, as I was a former student, so it braught back some of the technique that I had learned 25 years ago, With that said, I'll be coming back!


Angela M - Oct 1st 2017 Workshop Participant

Angela Monkhouse - Singer/Songwriter from Guelph, Ontarion Canada.

"I really enjoyed meeting you both as well as the workshop. I found it fascinating and I am extremely intrigued by your methods."

Really interesting coming from a vocal teacher's perspective. I was able to open my voice in a way I have not been able to before, and felt nothing in my throat. No tention, no pain, no strain...nothing!

I have also referred a local vocalist who is suffering from severe issues stemming from vocal polyps. I hope he contacts you soon. I know you are the only one he should be seeing! He is a fantastic power Metal styled vocalist, who should be touring and recording and can't right now.

As for me, I will be coming back as well!

A great experience. 


 Naomi Ho - Oct 1 2017 Workshop  Participant

Naomi H, from Markham, Ontario Canada.

I really enjoyed today. I really feel like this workshop helped take me out of my comfort zone & I really look forward to coming back. One thing that I see in Diana is her gift in teaching. She has a really amazing ear and even though I don't have an extensive background or more training in music, I can really see her ability to cater to the needs of the student and draw out their potnetial.

Amazing. Thank you.  


Fen - From Markham, Ontario Canada.

I think that most times, we do not know how to use our voices; and within this workshop, Diana has shown us how we can get the maximum usage out of our voices when it comes to speaking and singing, as apposed to you accidentally damaging it.

So, as a person who like to sing and talk, I find this workshop very helpful and it's a very intimate and frendly enviroment. The workshop staff and participants were all amazing. Highly recommended! 


Mary Ellen from Brookville Ontario

"Happy to report we are home!"

Mary Ellen - Testimonial

Each time I come home I feel I am one huge step closer to my goal.

Could not have happened without your experience and care and attention.


Ben Lee. Senior Finance Manage of Nissan Canada (currently a non-surgical voice repair client)


Ben Lee. Senior Finance Manage of Nissan Canada

"Good News! I've been presenting in front of some very large audiences and been very effective - Lots of good words! :)" - Ben Lee


2nd testimonial from Ben.

“The presentations went well - Big audiences (80+ people) in a movie theatre - Presentation voice very good - A lot of compliments - Thank-you!”  – Ben Lee


Below, Mr. Lee had submitted to us 2 of his video examples which clearily demonstrats what our non-surgical voice repair program has been providing him with respect to the improvement of the quality of his voice.

Within the first video, you can see the condition of Mr. Lee’s voice before our instruction and treatment. And the second video highlights the stage of progression with respect to the newly-adapted mechanics; and thus revealing a better quality of his voice, after just 3 sessions with the use of our Vocal Science™ non-surgical voice repair method & technique.

June 2017, (min 17) - before the application of the Vocal Science™ Method

(2 years prior attending numerous conventional speech therapy treatments)



Aug 2017

(min 13:22 - after 3 sessions)



Mary Ellen from Brookville Ontario

After yet another 20 hours of Non-Surgical Voice Repair Inatruction and Treatment.

"Thought you would be happy to know that on the phone today I was asked my age and I told her the woman said "oh my goodness you don't sound 62!". Thanks to you Diana."

--See a more in-depth testimonial from Mary Ellen by clicking HERE


Mr. Gospel Osei Tutu (a highly regarded Bishop from Baltimore, USA)
Ama Osei-TuTu,
on behalf of Gospel Osei- Tutu
Mr. Gospel Osei Tutu (a highly regarded Bishop from Baltimore, USA) - Man on the Top Left

Hello Diana, Sorry, it has taken so long to hear back from me.

My father is known and loved by many; as a counselor and a preacher his voice is his greatest ally. With his voice, he has been able to raise numerous youths and young adults who are thriving across the world. About 2 years ago, we noticed my father got hoarse after a long day of preaching, counseling and having conversations with others. Especially on Sundays after a long sermon it was almost impossible to hear him even when we were standing 2 feet from him, it was even worse when holding a conversation with him over the phone. My family and I were very worried that we will not be able to hold conversations with him and he will not be able to instill in us the wisdom and insight that he has.

We heard about Diana through a family friend, we got in touch with her and the reception we received from her was very warm and welcoming.  My parents and I drove to Canada for some lessons on how to improve my father's voice and reduce the hoarseness in his voice. We went with the 30-hour session, which we completed in 5 days.  The sessions were very tough to be honest but it was definitely worth it. Diana and her assistant were always willing to help and answer any questions that my father and I had about the treatment and the sessions. Diana is very passionate about her work, she takes whatever steps necessary to aid her clients in getting their voice back and reducing any vocal issues, they may have.

After the 5-day sessions, my parents and I returned to the United States, although we were a little concerned about how long my father will be able to sustain what he learned from the sessions with Diana, we could see the major progress that he had made with his voice in such little time. 

My parents and I have been back home for over a month and  My family and I are still very impressed with the progress we have seen with my father's voice. I have not noticed any hoarseness in a while and we pray it stays that way.

Thank you Diana for being so good to my family, and me we are eternally grateful.  We look forward to working with you in the future.

Regards to your Husband and your assistant.



Ama Osei-TuTu,

C/O Gospel Osei-Tutu

Ama Osei-Tutu

Winning Grace International Church 

Youth Organizing Secretary




Vocal Science July 16th, 2017 Healthy Voice/Vocal Workshop Summit Testimonials!
July 16th Workshop Summit
Soren Nik: Singing/Voice Repair Student from Toronto, Canada - Present and past student and attendee of our Voice/Vocal Interactive Workshop
Soran Nik - Singing/Voice Repair Student  from Toronto, Canada - Present and past student and attendee of our Voice/Vocal Interactive Workshop
I happened to participate in this wonderful session today at Vocal Science and I love the fact that there is truly a science to their method. Their method is definitely different than anything else that I’ve seen anywhere else. You have a teacher who is truly devoted, truly passionate and she will “beat the voice out of you...” because she knows what to listen for and she knows how to get that sound out of you without straining your vocal cords and by projecting your voice in a way that you have never projected before! I am really happy to be here.

- Mary Ellen from Brookville Ontario - Present and past student and attendee of several Voice/Vocal Interactive Workshops 
Mary Ellen from Ottawa/Kingston Ontario - Present and past student and attendee of several Voice/Vocal Interactive Workshops 
I have been a student of Dianas' for a few months; came here for vocal repair after 40 years of having damaged vocal cords. So I think we pretty well repaired my speaking voice. Now we are working on my singing voice and I have to say that it's going pretty well. The workshop was a big help to help me on the next steps towards finalizing repair of my singing voice. So thank you Diana! 

Peter Morrell from Markham, Ontario Canada - Present and past student and attendee of numerous Voice/Vocal Interactive Workshops
Peter Morrell from Markham, Ontario Canada - Present and past student and attendee of numerous Voice/Vocal Interactive Workshops
If you want to experience miracles first hand, you must come and see one of Vocal Science’s live and interactive workshops.

Today I have witnessed people that could hardly talk, let along sing...
Within just a few hours, they could actually not only talk better, but they could sing with the quality which could be acceptable for televisiont, movies, or even Broadway… all in a span of a few hours!

So if you are looking to make a miraculous change in your life, come and try out one of their vocal science workshops, or their private lessons for that matter.

Julie Joshua: Speech/Voice Repair student from Nevada, USA - a New attendee of our Voice/Vocal Interactive Workshop (July 16th, 2017)
Julie Joshua from Nevada, USA - New attendee of our Voice/Vocal Interactive Workshop –  I have participated in the workshop which took place today and I was able to learn quite a few speaking techniques to help me with my voice!  I look forward to working on it more.
I have participated in the workshop which took place today and I was able to learn quite a few speaking techniques to help me with my voice!

It really helped my speech and I look forward to working on it more.

Jennifer Herman from Markham Ontario, Canada - Present and past student and attendee of numerous Voice/Vocal Interactive Workshops -

It has been, as usual, a wonderful workshop! We always enjoy ourselves attending  Vocal Science Workshops. We get chances to enjoy each other, we get to learn from each other’s successes; and if things don’t always go well, we also learn from that. It is very, very interactive! It is an amazing technique and amazing program! This workshop also gives you a chance to touch on the fundamentals of the program and hopefully, you will fall in love with it as much as we did and then try the one on one lessons with the Master herself.
So hopefully you will also enjoy this, as we (on top of receiving great knowledge) really had a good time!



Mary Ellen Stoll: 


Voice Repair Client From Brookville, Ontario.
Healthy Voice Workshop Summit - May 7th

"Made it home! Happy to be here - Calvin and Hobbes say Hello! I cannot thank you enough for your patience and your expertise -not only to help me recover my voice but to find a completely amazing (to me anyway ) new voice."

-  Mary Ellen Stoll.

Vocal Science July 16th Healthy Voice/Vocal Workshop Summit Testimonials!
Soren Nik: Singing/Voice Repair Student from Toronto, Canada - Present and past student and attendee of our Voice/Vocal Interactive Workshop

I happened by this wonderful session today at Vocal Science and I love the fact that their truly is a science and “method to the madness” and it is different than anything else that I’ve seen anywhere else. You have a teacher who is truly devoted, truly passionate and she will “beat the voice out of you yet” because she knows what to listen for and she knows how to get that sound out of you without straining your vocal cords and by projecting your voice in a way that you have never projected before! I am really happy to be here.

- Mary Ellen from Brookville Ontario - Present and past student and attendee of several Voice/Vocal Interactive Workshops 


Peter Morrell from Markham, Ontario Canada - Present and past student and attendee of numerous Voice/Vocal Interactive Workshops

If you want to experience miracles first hand, you must come and see one of Vocal Science’s live and interactive workshops.

Today I have witnessed people that could not talk, or barely even sing in just a few hours ago. Now they are singing like they should be on television or in movies, or in Broadway… all in a span of a few hours!

So if you are looking to make a miraculous change in your life, come and try out one of their vocal science workshops.


Julie Joshua from Nevada, USA - a New attendee of our Voice/Vocal Interactive Workshop (July 16th, 2017) –

I have participated in the workshop which took place today and I was able to learn quite a few speaking techniques to help me with my voice!

I look forward to working on it more.
Tanya: former voice repair student -


Jennifer Herman from Markham Ontario, Canada - Present and past student and attendee of numerous Voice/Vocal Interactive Workshops -

It has been a wonderful workshop! We always enjoy ourselves attending  Vocal Science Workshops. We get chances to enjoy each other, we get to learn from each other’s successes; and if things don’t always go well, we also learn from that. It is very, very interactive! It is an amazing technique and amazing program! This workshop also gives you a chance to touch on the fundamentals of the program and hopefully, you will fall in love with it as much as we did and then try the one on one lessons with the Master herself.
So hopefully you will enjoy this and we really had a good time.
Mary Ellen Stoll: 
Voice Repair Client From Brookville, Ontario.
After 10 more hours of instruction and treatment (now totalling 40 hours), combined with our recent (May 7th) Healthy Voice/Vocal Workshop Summit, Mary Ellen wrote to Diana: 
"Diana - just wanted to send you a HUGE thank you for all your efforts, talent and experience to help me find my new, healthy voice.
It's more than I could have hoped or dreamed for - but you made it happen.
I cannot thank you enough! "
"Please feel free to share my message to the would of those searching for help"
-Mary Ellen


Mary Ellen Stoll: 
Voice Repair Client From Brookville, Ontario.
After 10 more hours of instruction and treatment (now totalling 30 hours), Mary Ellen wrote to Diana: 

"Diana -- Really hope you can enjoy a relaxing Good Friday and a beautiful spring day. You give so much of yourself and your awesome talent to others - take some time for yourself.  And THANK YOU for the last two days and for your determined efforts to help me rejuvenate my voice !!"


Mary Ellen Stoll:
Voice Repair Client From Brookville, Ontario.


- Reference letter to a future client. -

“Rachel: I am happy to help. First my story – over 30 years ago I had surgery to remove nodules from my vocal cords. Since then I have not really gone back to singing as family plus heavy work obligations kept me very busy and my vocal cords were always a problem. My voice tired easily, could not 100 percent be relied upon, and I got complete laryngitis several times per year. Having retired recently I wanted to join a local ladies barbershop chorus. The director though was very worried about me damaging my vocal cords again, and I myself could feel my vocal cords being sore after our 2 hour practices.

So I sought out Diana as she seemed to be the only avenue out there to help. I spent 20 hours with her several weeks ago and was exposed to her unique technique for speaking and singing. I can tell you after several hours with her my vocal cords do not hurt or aren’t tired — just my cheek muscles! You can feel the difference in how you produce sound and volume. I am not saying its easy — it requires effort and dedication on your part and patience on Diana’s part. She has an amazing eye and ear and is observing you the whole time, and quick to tell you when something is wrong with your voice or your body.

Diana also suggested several herbal treatments for me and I can really see how they are helping me (and that’s for someone who spent her life in the biological sciences and have been a little skeptical of herbal treatments).

At the end of my first sessions with Diana, I finally got to sing for the first time and I was TOTALLY amazed. I could not believe that I could produce that sound, that volume and clarity and length to hold a note without any change in pitch.

From what I have experienced I would say all the testimonials you read on the Vocal Science and Repair Your Voice website are accurate. Diana has spent over 30 years of her life creating and fine tuning her techniques and it shows. She is a dedicated to your improvement but in a taskmaster sort of way.  You have to dedicate yourself as well.

As for the cost — it is not insignificant. You WILL get results and I would do it all again with Diana. I wish I had looked for and found her about 20 years ago. It would have saved me years of frustration with my voice.

Good luck, and let me know if you have any more questions.

Mary Ellen Stoll”


Judy Hayes -  Former Muscle Tension Dysphonia sufferer - Hair dressor from Florida, U.S.

Before Judy had left, Ms. Yampolsky had conducted a full interview with her, while concurrently teaching her how to say it properly with now close-to-perfect support, structure, placement and thus, a much better projection of the sound.
So here it is:
Diana: You were hesitant to come here, weren’t you?

Judy: Yes

Diana: Why did you choose the Vocal ScienceTM method over others?

Judy: I had faith that something good will finally come my way.
I was in despair and was definitely in desperation
I was also able to receive more specific information than anywhere else I went to or spoken to.

Diana: You spoke to me numerous times, what was your perception while conversing with me?

Judy: I acquired more positive feelings during our conversations and positive feedback which gave me more confidence

Diana: Have you spoken to any other specialists?

Judy: Neurologists, ENTs (four of them), Speech therapists (two) and a thyroid specialist.

Diana: What was the diagnosis?

Judy: Fibromyalgia, thyroid dysfunction and dysphonia.
(I was explained that my thyroid was swollen and pressing on the vocal chords which resulted in voice loss and fibromyalgia)

Diana: You arrived here five days ago and began a non-surgical voice repair course and herbal treatment.  Was it worth it to pay almost $4000.00 for my services and other expenses to travel here from Florida?

Judy: Yes it was, absolutely!

Diana: How do you describe your experience and how would you describe the results accomplished?

Judy: Wonderful experience! Amazing results!

Diana: In what sense, please describe?

Judy: Upon arriving I could not speak properly and hardly at all.

Diana: What happened then?

Judy: And now I'm speaking much better and everybody is noticing it. I spoke to my mom and my daughter over the phone, and they were amazed.

Diana: I know, as your mom called me and thanked me for attending to you.

Diana: Please describe how did you arrive to such a positive and desirable outcome of your trip - to get better?

Judy: By doing special speech exercises, and by a clearer understanding of what needs to be done, and not only with my voice, but also with my health overall.

Diana: Has anyone explained anything of a kind or anything that was relevant to the actual vocal damage?

Judy: NO ONE.. Nobody at all.

Diana: Do you have a clear picture now of how to proceed from here?

Judy: Yes very much so, thanks to you.

Bob Harris:
Professional Singer Voice Repair Student from Colorado, USA.

- 2 years and 3 months later. Letter of reference to the future client. -

“Hi again, Rachel– sorry I didn’t have time to write more earlier.

I did 30 hours with Diana 2 years ago– I’ve been a professional singer since I was 16–I’m 65 now and still performing– thanks to Diana. I was pre nodal and sinking fast.

Regarding your question about whether you could get the same results from a traditional speech therapist, I would have to say no, and especially in the amount of time for that as compared to how quickly Diana can turn things around. As briefly as I can describe it– Diana works with not just the vocal cords, but puts the entire vocal ingredients– mind,body,breath and voice back into sync to work as one again,which if there are vocal problems, they are out of sync. Diana’s method is unique and results happen comparatively

much quicker and infinitely deeper than anything else I’ve ever experienced. 

I do have to tell you though that

it will take total dedication on your part, because the work is not easy at all, on the other hand, I was 63 when I went through it– if I can,anyone can 



- Megan Stewart - 

Versatile Singer/Songwriter from Barrie, Ontario. 

More then a year ago, she (to improve her craft) embarked on a singing course with our Master Voice/Vocal Coach, Diana Yampolsky! 

- Below is what she wrote to us today on March 20th, 2017 - 

Megan Stewart - Up and Coming Singer/Songwriter from Barrie, Ontario

"  -Big hugs!! Every day I use what you taught me in how I speak to people. I love how I sound way more confident and can tap into what I've learned at any time, no matter how down I may feel. I am still writing my own material gradually. Can't wait to show you my songs when they are recorded professionally! 

I talk very highly of you to anyone who wants to listen to my experience as a musician, or just overall anyone who wants to sound more confident in themselves vocally, or on a day to day basis. 

I love how I can break everything down now. I'm so grateful I found you!!- " 

- Megan


- Megan Stewart - 

Versatile Singer/Songwriter from Barrie, Ontario. 

Nearly a year ago, she (to improve her craft) embarked on a singing course with our Master Voice/Vocal Coach, Diana Yampolsky! 

Megan Stewart - Up and Coming Singer/Songwriter from Barrie, Ontario

"Things are going very well for me musically! I feel 

so strong on my own and have started my own band. I am so much happier with 

my voice! I can't thank you enough!" 

Please also see Megan's previous feedback on her 20 hour Case Study Vocal Course! 



Rosemarie Stewart

Professional Singer from Mississauga, ON, Canada!

I went to a Vocal Science workshop in early December 2016 because I had heard about Diana's method of voice training from a friend of mine who had benefited from Diana's vocal lessons many years ago.


Singer from Mississauga, ON, Canada

I am a singer who has struggled with hoarseness and losing my voice after performances -- and I was very concerned about causing irreversible damage to my voice.  I didn't know what I was doing wrong when I sang.  Within minutes of attending the workshop, Diana isolated my trouble areas and provided instruction on how to correct them.  I was shocked at how much better I sounded after her guidance than when I first sang before her instruction. 

I felt that for once in my life someone could provide me with practical, technical and functional information that helped me sound better -- with no strain or hoarseness to my voice.  Diana helped me immensely. 

She has a unique approach and technique to vocal instruction that really works.  I had a great time in a great atmosphere of learning.  I would absolutely recommend Diana's Vocal Science to any singer who wants to get the best out of his or her voice.  Thank you, Diana! I will be back for more in-depth sessions.

Rosemarie Stewart, Mississauga, ON



Jennifer Cross

Opera Singer from Brooklyn, New York, USA

I attended the Vocal Science workshop on Dec. 4 with Diana Yampolsky and also had a 2 hour lesson prior to it.

Jennifer Cross

Because I was travelling from NYC, she wanted to ensure I got the most out of my brief trip. During the lesson Diane showed great awareness of what was going on with my body and voice. She started with what was essential in creating healthy sounds in speech and in singing. She guided me to facilitate my grasping of the correct way to produce sound. She has a keen ear to hear healthy and unhealthy ways of executing sound.  While it took me a while to do this even to a beginning level of understanding, she was positive and in tune with the movement of my body and vocal progress.

Repetition with Diana's guidance and insight was welcome because she was completely dedicated to helping to integrate healthy vocal habits. She could tell if I felt discomfort and gently encouraged me to keep trying the exercise until my body started to comprehend.  She modeled for me as well as described clearly the adjustment I should make.  And so I started to grasp and improved as the lesson continued.


During the workshop, she applied the same methods to each participant but on a smaller scale. Each person participated for themselves and was invited to provide feedback to others.  It is an experiential workshop, thus making it extremely valuable. People come from all over and there were several people there returning because she had helped them with such impact in the past. I highly recommend this course for anyone who seeks to help his/ her voice to heal and grow.


Diana's intuitive and technical knowledge of the voice, experience of 30 years of teaching people with and without vocal disorders and her undying passion to bring this knowledge to her others makes her a very special teacher.   She has dedicated her life to this cause and treats each student uniquely, with compassionate encouragement, and firm conviction according to their needs, with the sole aim to heal their voices.  Diana is a vocal shaman.


Thank you Diana for your generosity and going the extra mile with me!

- Jennifer 



Davy Bayuk

National award winning singer/songwriter and musician from Niagara Falls, Canada!

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how things went today after I sang my song "Worship & Bow Down".

Davy Bayuk, National award winning singer/songwriter and musician from Niagara Falls, Canada

Sadly, half of what I learned from you went out the window when I was live on stage but that is to be expected until I feel more comfortable live. It is one thing in rehearsal but quite another doing it live as you well know. I had my head back lots, diaphragm not lifted as often as it should have been, smile and bites only 50%, etc. but even then, the place was blown away and were stunned by it.

I had a friend video it on my i-pad and played it back for my wife Barbi a little while ago.

She did not say a word until after it was done and then said. "Wow. What she did with you was a miracle. I cannot believe the difference in the way you sing. That is unreal that she did so much with you in such a few days."

Remember, she is not a singer but she was blown away anyways by what she saw and heard.

Just wait until I remember to utilize everything properly!

I am ready to embrace my next level of being as the Lord opens those doors for me.

Thank-you Diana because I never would have learned any of what you did for me which makes all the difference between being pretty good or being pretty freaking awesome.

Blessings, Davy.



Ethelrida Cumpio Zabala Laxa

Singer/Songwriter from Toronto, Canada. (Attendee of the December 4th 2016 Healthy Voice/Vocal Workshop Summit)

Thank you very much Diana Yampolsky, for the amazing and incomparable Healthy Voice Workshop Summit you conducted on December 4, 2016. 


As usual you gave it your all, your absolute attention and your utmost technical capabilities and skills. Although we were seven participants in all from all over--including New York--you each gave us individual attention--based on our specific needs which only an experienced science vocal coach of your caliber can do. Very impressive. It was very evident on the quality of my before and after rendition of my composition "God I Heard A Voice Did You Call My Name"--the before was alright--but the after--was rich in quality and was hitting all the right notes and was superb in execution and tonal quality. Again, many, many thanks Diana--your technique is excellent--and can definitely help a lot of people and can make a night and day difference in every serious vocalists/singers/speakers professional singing speaking career. Diana Yampolsky, you are God sent--God bless you and more power to you !!! 

- Ethelrida 


Tammy Gilden

Student of The Total Communicator Course (Speech development) And a recent participant of the Healthy Voice/Vocal Workshop Summit, Held of Dec 4th.

I am humbled Diana. Very nice people all if them!

Tammy Gilden

There was a discernible difference in the quality of their voices from the beginning to the end.  Impressive!  Proud of you Diana and all the work  you have put in and the effort you made all these years.

Tammy -




Cary S

Participant of The Las Vegas Healthy Voice Workshop Summit – October 1st and 2nd. (2016)

Cary had been previously diagnosed with Muscle Tension Dysphonia and Acid Reflux, which greatly (in a negative light) affected her vocal anatomy and her speaking and singing voice in general.



I now have more expression when I am speaking. I've gotten a lot out of it. I can hear a lift in my voice. It is indeed hard, so it is going to take practice. I now have the foundation, all I need to do is to continue the groundwork to “build the house on top”.

Cary S


Jeanine H

Participant of The Las Vegas Healthy Voice Workshop Summit – October 1st and 2nd. (2016)

Jeanine is an elementary school teacher from California, USA.
She had been diagnosed with nodules on both vocal cords.

"I feel and I know that I am not being as breathy as before and I am learning how to ‘grab the sound from on top of the air’. I have noticed that this technique it is putting more expression into my voice, especially by trying to think of it when I am thinking of speaking. There is definitely a lot more work ahead."

"I have to say that it was definitely worth it and I feel a lot better. It has been a great accomplishment."

Jeanine H



Trisha Buster:

Milwaukee, WI USA - Computer Instructor for Holland America Cruises.
- Vocal Science Voice Repair Diary -



Since 1997 my voice has been a key element in my career.  I began as an Outdoor Education Instructor and trained school aged children for over seven hours a day.  Starting 2006 I transitioned to working on a cruise ship, first as a kid's club leader and now currently as a computer instructor.  I still use my voice as my primary occupational tool over 6 hours every day, for at least 8 months a year, 7 days a week.  All of this speaking has taken a huge toll on my vocal chords.  I've had pain in my voice for years and have noticed that my voice has dropped lower and lower over time.  I hear so many other people my age that also have a lower voice and assumed it was simply from age.  This isn't true,  but I didn't know that yet.

The constant pain and discomfort led me to search online for ways to help me with throat pain, vocal discomfort, proper speaking, etc.  Nothing was coming up that seemed truly helpful with those specific keywords.  Then I finally (should have started with this) prayed about it.  I know that God wants the best for me and that He has always guided me to the right solutions when I place my trust in Him and humbly ask for help.  Why do I waste so much time trying to do it my own way? I'll never know, but in the end I did pray.  As soon as I finished asking what I needed to do in this circumstance, I typed into the search "Vocal Repair" and instantly was seeing this website with Diana Yampolsky and the unique approach she has for lifting the voice off the vocal chords.  YES! That made total sense to me.

I'm a skeptic when it comes to training courses and whether it's legit or a scam, so I read every word on the entire site and read the testimonials of others and watched some other people's videos of before and after sessions.  I was now convinced it was what I needed and I contacted Diana to inquire about whether or not she could help me with my particular condition.

Being at sea I had a unique dilemma...no access to the telephone and internet was way too slow for a Skype conversation, so she amazingly agreed to take me on as a student without having heard my voice, just conversing over email.  I guess that is very unusual, but I was so grateful that she agreed.  We planned out when I would be able to come and I began preparing flights, accommodations and all the other pieces necessary for travel to the Toronto area (as I live in Milwaukee, but after my training would be going right back to work on a ship sailing out of Venice).

The training was amazing.  It was hard, the hardest thing I've ever done. I've discovered muscles all over my body I never knew I had before, it's that intense.  I felt like I was in boot camp at times, and yet I wouldn't change a thing.  I am a very determined person and so when I was corrected for the umpteenth time for the same things I took it as a challenge to learn the technique properly and do it correctly, for me.  Diana knows that time is short, just 30 hours in my case, to retrain 40 years of incorrect habits, and so I had to focus and concentrate and assimilate what she was saying in a way that made sense to me.  And figure out how to keep doing it consistently in the future.

She gave an analogy regarding the training being like learning to drive.  As my instructor it is up to her to teach me proper habits and techniques so that I can pass the driving test and get my license.  After I have my license I have to continue using those techniques in order to drive subconsciously and well.  I can see how that translates to this training and vocal repair.  I've now learned the techniques for lifting my voice and it's now up to me to implement it, and perfect it, so that I don't have to consciously think about it while speaking.

Picking the right teacher is so important.  I have had other speech pathologist friends coach me before and some of what they said helped a bit, but they didn't fix the problem. Mostly it was like just putting on some ointment and a Band-Aid to ease symptoms.  Diana's technique allows healing and repair to happen for real.

I enjoyed getting to know Diana very much, her heart is so big.  She is very generous and giving, extremely professional too during our sessions.  She has had some recent personal tragedy and physically she was experiencing side effects of a huge amount of stress.  As miserable as she felt between sessions, during our time "on the clock" it didn't seem to affect her at all...it was amazing to witness...and I told her how much I appreciated that absolute focus she gave me despite it all weighing on her emotionally and physically.

I am so thankful, grateful, blessed to have found Diana through the internet and to have had the amazing privilege of working with her.  I hope to have the opportunity in the future to continue working with her on more advanced techniques as she's now piqued my interest in possibly pursuing voiceover work in the future.  I never would have thought that possible, but I've always had the desire to do that line of work and never had the validation that I would be fit for it, until now.  For right now though, I need to get back to work and teach cruise guests which mouse click to use!

Thank you Diana, Jamie and Chris for making my trip to Toronto an amazing and life-changing experience.



- Trisha B., Milwaukee, WI USA -




Elle Rider

University Student from New Zealand


Case Study

After 50 hours of the Non-Surgical Voice Repair Course & Natural Herbal and Homeopathic Treatment. 


My voice problem started 5 years ago from when I was singing in my high school choir. I was overusing my voice and using it incorrectly. I stopped singing completely, and went to see medical professionals who diagnosed me with Muscle Tension Dysphonia, and recommended speech therapy. After trying numerous speech therapy, it got to the point this year where I could barely talk, and very quietly and I had to quit my part time job.

Nevertheless, the above-mentioned medical professionals’ diagnoses ranged from depression with prescribed antidepressants, to Muscle Tension Dysphonia. One of the medical professionals suggested that my voice problem was a disability and that I could get a job that did not require speaking. After trying speech therapy, it got to the point this year where my voice was quiet and I could barely talk, and I had to use a whiteboard and pen as a crutch. As a person who has gone through a voice problem, I can say how its effect on areas of my life was unprecedented. So many people don’t understand or have never heard of voice problems, there is just not enough awareness of voice issues like mine.

We came across Vocal Science online and read all the testimonies on the web, then made an appointment to see Diana. She has an extremely good ear, and after hearing me on the phone for the first time assured that she would be able to help me.

Diana’s technique meant supporting my voice and lifting my voice off my vocal cords, which would allow my throat a chance to heal, as well as place less strain on the vocal cords which would essentially eradicate my problem as well as prevent future problems with my voice. Her program also included herbal supplements which helped heal my voice. I want people to know that patience and perseverance is important as at first I still experienced discomfort in my voice but after a while, it decreased. As the course progressed I found I was able to talk louder, more clearly and with less discomfort, which was also aided by the herbs.

Although it was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, and there were many obstacles along the way, I completed 50 hours with Diana because in the end it was worth it. In order to access Vocal Science, we had to travel halfway around the world to be able to see her, so hopefully it will be available all around the world, including on our doorstep in the future! I found Diana as a teacher tough, loud and one-of- a kind, but she could be a rock for what I know, because she knows the voice inside, and out. Although we focused on my speaking, I was so surprised that under Diana’s guidance I was able to sing some exercises as well as the song ‘Can’t Help Falling In Love’ by Elvis. I am so happy that even my singing has improved and I hope to continue developing my singing voice in the future.

Above all, I am so grateful to have my voice back and thankful we came across Vocal Science after I had exhausted all other options!

It’s such a relief to have someone to go to if I have issues with my voice, as before I felt so alone and had no idea what to do, so many thanks.

- Elle 


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