• Singing Lessons, Vocal Coaching, Non-Surgical Voice Repair, Based out of Toronto
  • Singing Lessons, Vocal Coaching, Non-Surgical Voice Repair, Based out of Toronto
  • We provide both preventive and non-operative voice care and maintenance.
  • We offer 4-5 day Super Accelerated Vocal Immersion Courses and Non-Surgical
  • We Can Travel to You to Fix Your Voice!
  • Get your lifetime "Vocal Assurence" Today. Guaranteed to protect your voice.
  • World renouned results in the voice field; based on 30 years of proven science!
  • Vocal Science is not just the Science of Today, it is the Science of the Future.

Michael and Raphaelle Tamura

Celebrated Spiritual Teachers, Mentors, Radio Announcers, Clairvoyant Visionaries - from Sacramento, California, USA.

Please see below -  Michael's and Raphaelle's feedback on Diana's training at their home town in Sacramento, California:


    "There is no one like Diana Yampolsky and her work in the world. If you want to be trained by her, please be prepared for a true "boot camp" of vocal training with a most unusual and gifted teacher. The training isn't just of the voice but of the "whole self" in a sense - she uses an interesting mixture of techniques to help her clients get back on track with their real voices for speaking and for singing - and for how the voice is to be used for the rest of a person’s life.    

My husband, Michael J Tamura, had vocal damage due to a mistake made in a non-related (to vocal cords) surgery and my own voice has been having intense issues for years due to acute allergies and long-term incorrect use of my voice. We are both spiritual teachers (Michael is an author and I am a soon-to-be-published author as well) plus we are radio show hosts and use our voices every day in our for our TeleClasses and seminars, so a great-sounding voice is beyond important to both of us. Also, I lost my singing voice with the allergies and feel it is now starting to come back in full force. Further training will get me there 100%, I’m sure (I took the first thirty hours of training for my speaking voice only and Michael took two rounds of thirty hours for working with his surgery-damaged voice. To improve my singing, I will at some point take another round from Diana. I am utterly thrilled with the improvements I already see.)    

Diana is a highly experienced, technical voice expert with a long and successful history in helping many people from every kind of background you can imagine with the healing of a huge variety of vocal issues - all without surgery. Important Note: This training is not for the faint of heart: You must have a full commitment, an open mind, humor and a true willingness to heal your voice in this unusual yet natural, non-surgical way. When you do take her vocal training, you'll be so incredibly glad you did. Both of our voices have improved beyond our expectations with the level of training we have taken with her, and they continue to improve each and every day.

Thank you with all of my heart, Diana! These folks who suffer from voice disorders really need you & your teachings - they are so lucky to find you, really really lucky!

As for us, yes, we continue to "smile and bite"!!

Have a lovely day.