• Singing Lessons, Vocal Coaching, Non-Surgical Voice Repair, Based out of Toronto
  • Singing Lessons, Vocal Coaching, Non-Surgical Voice Repair, Based out of Toronto
  • We provide both preventive and non-operative voice care and maintenance.
  • We offer 4-5 day Super Accelerated Vocal Immersion Courses and Non-Surgical
  • We Can Travel to You to Fix Your Voice!
  • Get your lifetime "Vocal Assurence" Today. Guaranteed to protect your voice.
  • World renouned results in the voice field; based on 30 years of proven science!
  • Vocal Science is not just the Science of Today, it is the Science of the Future.

Clients' References


Bob Harris -Professional Singer, Former Voice Repair client from Colorado, US.

Hello Martin,

My name is Bob Harris, I live in Colorado, and I'm 64. I have been a professional vocalist since the age of 20, working with various bands and projects but most notably, Franz Zappa, Warren Zevon, and Steve Vai. About a year and a half ago, I was told that my vocal cords were pre nodual--I'd been having trouble singing and it started progressing very quickly, to the point that it looked like I might be finished as a singer. I tried all of the standard treatments I could find--to little or no avail. Luckily, I came across Diana and went to Toronto for 30 hours of study with her, December 2014.

Diana's methods appear very simplistic at first glance, but as I soon realized,not something that just anyone can do. As with any true art and/or skill, it's the knowledge 

and intuition behind the method that Diana possesses that makes it all work. The best example I can think of at the moment is that anyone can pick up a scalpel and attempt surgery, but it's the training

and experience of the person using the scalpel that makes the difference. With Diana's work, different levels of consciousness are in play and being balanced at every second.

My results have been fantastic. I'm singing better now than at any time of my life and also have a renewed attitude and energy. Diana repairs not only voices, but people as well, from

my own personal experience. There is a root cause to vocal problems that is only reflected in the vocal mechanism as a symptom. Diana goes after the root causes and is incredibly successful.

Her training may be very simple in content and structure, but it is in no way easy-- it takes a high level of trust and commitment. In my case for and many many others, it has been more than worth it.



Bob Harris


J M Schilling - Dallas, Texas USA 

To whom it may concern:

I had vocal cord damage in 1968 after thyroid cancer.  After an unrelated surgery I new immediately that more damage had been done to vocal cords.  After a bad fall on black ice in 2013, with brain trauma, more damage was done.   For fourteen months I have had very little voice and aspiration with every meal.

I found Ms. Diana on the Internet.  She called me and we have spoken on the phone so she could hear my voice and to pin point and to know what she could do to fix it. Having a specialist make a personal call to me was a big deal.   She sent me five herbs to begin cleaning and healing my vocal anatomy.   I started the herbs on Wednesday before Thanksgiving, on Thanksgiving day and every day since I have very little if any aspiration.  She won we over with that alone.

We met and started voice repair on Wednesday, with me having a very little voice.  I had no control over breath and voice together.  Day one was hard work, very difficult - you have to decide if you are up to the hard work and want to fix, heal and recover your voice.  I have now finished five days.  WOW! 

I spoke on the phone with my daughter on day five and she could hardly believe it was me.  She put me on speaker so my son-in-law and granddaughter could hear me.  They were shocked at the loud strong voice.  I have a long way to go, but have already seen my miracle.

I can now eat a meal safely, keep the acid in the throat cleared and speak above a whisper.  God has given Diana an innate ability to hear your voice and know where it is coming from and what to do in order to bring it back to again healthy sounding voice.

Having seen seven ENT doctors with no one able to help or even trying to help me; I highly recommend Diana. 

J Schilling


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Wenke Gold - German Langrage Teacher from Solihull, Birmingham UK

My name is Wenke Gold and I'm currently having voice repair lessons with Diana Yampolsky in the UK. 

 I really hope you don’t mind me sending you this email. I just happen to be in the room when Diana received an email from Bob Harris, who I understand had spoken to you.  Because I know how undecided I was about booking her course and spending what I consider as quit a bit of money, I just felt I needed send you this email.

This is my second course of 20 hours of voice repair with Diana I was diagnosed with papilloma’s/growth’s on my vocal cords 2 years ago. I found Diana shortly afterwards, but was put off by the cost of her course and got lulled in by the surgeon,  who promised that it would only be a small operation to remove the growth. Unfortunately, I trusted the surgeon and had the operation, thinking that he would know best. I had private speech therapy after the operation, which cost a lot of money, but didn't help at all: my hoarse voice had now become a painful hoarse voice. Being a teacher, this was not good news

A check-up a year later found that the growth was back, a second operation was scheduled.According to the surgeon,  most cases were finally clear after the second operation. Again, I trusted the doctor, again with the same result. Speech therapy again, this time with a different therapist, but with the same result. My voice was getting worse, I had to reduce my teaching hours to almost nothing, as my voice just could not cope.

In absolute despair I contacted Diana again.  She told me she'd not be able to do anything about the growth and her treatment wouldn't heal them, but she could lift my voice so that the area where the growth was (I had 3 little papilloma’s and the surgeon was only able to remove 2 in his second operation) would not be aggravated with each word I spoke. Together with a selection of herbs, this might give the body a chance to heal by itself. She made it quite clear though, that the only thing she could definitely do was to lift the voice, Having now had nearly 40 hours of voice coaching with her, I can only say she is brilliant! I was treated by 2, supposedly brilliant, ENT specialists and 2 different voice therapists before Diana and have to say that Diana is the only one who made any difference whatsoever.  I so regret that wasn't willing to spend the money for her course straight away.

Her course is certainly not for the faint-hearted, its hard work and it takes time, as you're effectively retraining your brain to produce the voice in a different area. She is definitely the “real deal” and will be able to make a difference if she said she could. Now that l know her personally, I can promise you that she would never lie or take on a client she can't treat. She is very honest and would tell you straight away if she didn't think she could help.

She knows the voice inside out and when she is in "teaching mode”, her years of experience are evident in every second. In fact, l am amazed every day at how she can hear where exactly you produce a sound.  Not only can she tell you if it's right or wrong, but she'll even tell you exactly where u produced the wrong sound and what you need to do to move it to the right area.  Her methods bypass your consciousness and guide you to the right place. I have to say, that in the beginning it wasn't always evident to me what she is trying to do and I did have my moments of doubt. After 20 hours in July I could totally see how it could work, but couldn't produce those sounds consistently yet. Because I could see a slight improvement, however, I decided to give it a second shot and I booked her for another 20 hours, of which I've got the last 4 today.  I'm so glad l did! I feel I had a real break-through this week and all the hard work is finally paying off. Diana's professionalism, expertise and good humor have brought me to a point where I’m expecting to increase my teaching hours again and above all, I have hope! 

Yes, it seems expensive, but I have to say that every penny for me has been worth it (and the money that I and my Health Insurance paid for my 2 operations and speech therapy before amounted to more or less the same with no results whatsoever). Yes, it is hard work and it does take time, but after nearly 40 hours l'm amazed by the difference in my voice, and in hindsight it doesn't seem such a long time at all to achieve what we achieved. l can only recommend Diana to anyone with voice problems.

I wasted 2 years by wanting to “save money” and if this email helps you not to make the same mistake made, than the time writing it was well spent.

I don't know what exactly your problem is, but if Diana says she can help then I'm 100% certain she will be able to, provided you follow her instructions (which isn't always easy. Unfortunately she can't do the work for you ;-)

I wish you good luck, whatever you decide to do and I sincerely do hope that you don't mind that I sent this email. 

All the best, 

Wenke Langhof-Gold, MA.