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  • Singing Lessons, Vocal Coaching, Non-Surgical Voice Repair, Based out of Toronto
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Case Study: Michael T - Partially-Paralyzed Vocal Cord Sufferer - Voice Repair Success!

Hi Everyone!

We have More Exciting News for You!

We would like to share with you yet another one of our very successful voice repair stories.

 This time, it's about Michael Tamura - Celebrated Spiritual Teacher, Mentor, Radio Announcer, Clairvoyant Visionary & Award-Winning Author of "You Are The Answer" - from Sacramento, California, USA.

Michael came to us with the diagnosis of his left vocal cord partially paralyzed. Since the left vocal cord was out of sink with the right one, there was a gap between them which is consistent with what's called Sulcus Vocalis.  Michael submitted images taken by ENT specialists in Sacramento, California, which were confirming all-of-the-above "lazy" vocal cord which was quite out of sink with the healthy right vocal cord.

The gap between them also produced breathing difficulties for Michael and, sometimes, uncontrollable coughs.

The sad part of the described-above matter(s) is that this voice damage was produced by a surgeon attending to Michael's heart operation. The precedent of such an unfortunate event, nonetheless, occurs very often. Moreover, doctors usually do not usually admit that the fault was on their side - and usually convince the patient that it is quite normal not to have a voice at all for a few months. What a shame! Unfortunately, at least 50% of my clients are coming with voice damage which occurred during an invasive surgical intervention. 

Interestingly enough that in the majority of cases, those surgical procedures were unrelated to any procedures on the vocal anatomy... Usually, patients like Michael are offered one of three more surgical procedures - and in this instance, on the vocal anatomy.



That's what they offer:

  • To extract fat from the stomach or the buttocks and inject it into the affected vocal cord
  • Botox injections are also very common suggestions
  • And lastly, an artificial device implanted in the affected patient's vocal cord

Unfortunately, we had a few cases where the sufferer(s) agreed to one or even all three procedures - and as a result.., they ended up not only with a compromised speaking voice, but also some of them ended up completely losing their ability to sing  -  and as a result, lost their singing careers.

The above is definitely food for thought...

Now, on this note, see below a small part of the conversation between Diana Yampolsky and Michael Tamura. after finishing his 30-hour non-surgical voice repair course and natural herbal treatment.

Within this conversation, Michael describes what the process of his voice restoration was like and how he benefited from what the Vocal Science(TM) Method had to offer.


Diana: What did you think of your last day Michael?

Michael: It was totally different! There's much more resonance and clarity in my voice. Of course, I’m kind-of trying and thinking in terms of the technique, but I’m starting to get how the sound resonates right in through the cheekbone muscles instead of through the bottom of my throat.

And the intonation in my voice is much more ‘in-line’ instead of going all over the place.

Diana: How is your throat feeling.

Michael: My throat feels lighter… and I’m very aware that speaking while using your method gave my throat a chance to rest and relax more. And the tightness in my throat has lessened to the point of feeling no pain at all.

Diana: Thank you.