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Herbal Voice Repair Kit Update! Spasmodic Dysphonia Sufferer (Sheree) Testimonial!

- Herbal Voice Repair Kit Update -

Below please see the numerous letters which were written to me personally - from Sheree O, a Spasmodic Dysphonia voice disorder sufferer from Tasmania!

Her feedback came to us in just a couple of days as Sheree started taking those invaluable remedies. We found it very positive and highly motivational.


This is Sheree's latest comments/testimonials:

Vocal Science



Hello Diana, wonderful news! My herbal remedies have just arrived today just now! I will commence tomorrow morning! I read the newsletter you sent yesterday and I hope people do take notice of what I had written and that they can get results like I have had and continue to have whilst taking my wonderful wonderful wonderful fantastic herbal remedies! Hope you are well and safe! Take care! Kindest Regards, Sheree



Hello Diana, I hope you are keeping well and safe! I am wishing to advise that I completed Day 14 of my herbal remedies yesterday and just starting Day 15 today. Once again I have noticed that quite a lot of mucous has been expelled. My voice is quite smooth. No reflux or breathing problems. Still only couple of spasms. No migraines or sinus symptoms. No sore throat and ears are feeling good. Also I did not mention that my digestion is good. No swollen glands and no problems with swallowing.

Another thing I forgot to mention which I think is a type of spasm which was a hiccup sound. It was very ferocious at times and it would cut my breathing off. This happened a lot when I became stressed of trying to push words out when I tried to speak. Since taking my herbal remedies this has gone. Now I will be finishing my herbal remedies this Thursday afternoon.

It is now 8:30am Tuesday morning my time and I believe it is 4:30pm Monday your time. The difference of time is 16 hours. I can still call you say 8am Thursday morning your time which would make it midnight my time. It would be late my time but I do not mind as this would be convenient for you as I know that you would be busy sending out herbal remedies to other people during the daytime.

Also I have found taking more of the silver guard has been really beneficial to my health.

Please take care!

Kindest Regards Sheree.



Now you will find Sheree's previous comments below:



Hello Diana, I hope you are keeping well and safe! So I can confirm that I will call you at 8 am next Monday - your time - making it 11 pm my time. I have just completed Day 13 and here is my progress report as follows:

I have found that more thick stringy mucus has been expelled. Now I just have a couple of spasms. I also have noticed, which I forgot to mention, that sometimes, in the past, when I would speak I had a pronounced tick sound (just like Skippy the Bush Kangaroo). 

I can say that I have not had it since taking my herbal remedies. My voice is much clearer and has a good flowing quality. No reflux, no swollen glands and now I find it easy to swallow. No headaches or sinus pain, especially behind my right eye. No migraines on the right side of my head. My ears are feeling good. No sore throat. The more I take my herbal remedies I see greater results!

Below I have written the following to advise anyone who is interested in your herbal remedies:I am happy to recommend Diana's herbal remedies to anyone. They work for me like no other! 

If anyone is skeptical, take it from me that if you take these wonderful herbal remedies, as per Diana's instructions, you will be amazed at the results! You will have to be committed, diligent and focused at all times to achieve the best outcome.

I will be looking forward to speaking with you next Monday so you can hear my voice.

Please take care! Kindest Regards Sheree




Hello Diana, 

I decided to contact you now, as I knew you were extremely busy with clients in the recent past.

As per usual, I have found the herbal remedies extremely beneficial. So I have just completed Day 14 and will finish the remaining of my herbal remedies on Thursday afternoon (last two of each of the capsules) and I feel really wonderful! So here is my report:

First of all the words that I write cannot express truly how I am feeling! My voice feels smoother and I have found this time I have expelled even more mucous. Only a couple of spasms and no reflux. No sinus or migraine and my breathing is really good. My ears are good and no swollen glands. No sore throat or cough. I am such a happier person due to these Precious Herbal Remedies! 

Now I will have to call you when I finish my herbal remedies. If it is convenient I could call the same time I did when I last spoke to you. I could ring you at 8:30 am your time on Thursday morning which would be 10:30 pm Thursday night my time. Otherwise if convenient for you I could ring you Thursday night your time which makes it Friday morning my time? I do understand that you are so busy so just let me know a time suitable for you. 


Please take care and will wait to hear from you. Kindest Regards,





Hello Diana,

I have just about finished all of my herbal remedies today. All gone, not one drop left! I only have 4 of the licorice and kelp capsules left now which I will take at breakfast and lunch tomorrow. I really really feel so good!! So I will wait two weeks as you advised me and then I will contact you then say about 5th June.

Also thank you for publishing those emails in your last blog newsletter. I really hope that other people have contacted you to purchase the herbal remedies.


Take care!
Kindest Regards,




"Hi Diana,

I wanted to send this to you before I go to bed.
This is my first day and I thought I would tell you what time I took them and when I had taken my herbal remedies. By this afternoon I brought up some mucous which was quite thick - and still has been this evening.

I am already feeling the benefits of these herbal remedies.

Thank you!

Take care! Have a lovely day!
Kindest Regards,



Thanks, Diana.

I really do appreciate it and I know your time is very valuable! I know you are extremely busy and now I have that relevant information it really has helped understand about each of my herbal remedies. Everything is going good with taking them and today is day three. I will advise you in another 4 days how it is going as you have answered all my questions and I do respect how busy you are. Feeling so much better and more at ease. 
Take Care!
Kindest Regards Sheree


Hello Diana,
I am feeling so much better and have just completed day seven!
My spasms have diminished almost entirely. Only had a few little spasms. So much more mucous has been expelled. My breathing is so much easier. I have had no sinus pain or headaches or migraine headache. No swelling around my glands and throat. I also have/had no reflux.
My husband has noticed s a big difference in my health and he says I look so much better. He has noticed when I speak that my voice is much smoother and no spasms. I am absolutely amazed at how wonderful these herbal remedies have worked. Words cannot express how good I am feeling and I am so much happier!
Kindest Regards



Hello Diana, I know that it is 9 am over in Ontario and 11 pm here. I feel really good. I would be able to give you a short call to you if you are available now?

Kind Regards

Hello Diana,
I have just read your newsletter now as I had my mobile phone on charge. Thank you and that is so lovely and I hope this can help other people.
Kindest Regards


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