• Singing Lessons, Vocal Coaching, Non-Surgical Voice Repair, Based out of Toronto
  • Singing Lessons, Vocal Coaching, Non-Surgical Voice Repair, Based out of Toronto
  • We provide both preventive and non-operative voice care and maintenance.
  • We offer 4-5 day Super Accelerated Vocal Immersion Courses and Non-Surgical
  • We Can Travel to You to Fix Your Voice!
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  • World renouned results in the voice field; based on 30 years of proven science!
  • Vocal Science is not just the Science of Today, it is the Science of the Future.

Testimonials from Around the World

Vocal Science Immersion Course Testimonials

The following are selected testimonials of clients from all over the world who took the Vocal Science Super Accelerated Vocal Immersion Course:

  • Matthew Quek, Singapore:
    "My voice has been transformed in terms of communication, resonance, height, expressiveness, longetivity, even the lower notes are much brighter and not covered any more. It was like taking the voice out of a box and opening the box up. I was previously going through lots of vocal confusion and vocal abuse, as I had taken many vocal lessons in Singapore. Now that I have come here, where I was previously walking in a dark tunnel, now I see the light at the end of the tunnel. I see something very bright and very glorious at the end of the tunnel. And Diana helped me to see this light and move my voice out of the tunnel and towards the light to something much better and much greater and I am very grateful to Diana for that. I sang this song (Theme from Phantom of the Opera) many times before and it was always trapped inside me. This time the sound is larger than life, going forward with more emotion and the technique allows me to really capture the character and enter in the spirit of the music."
  • George Loakes, California:
    "Diana, I just got back. I can not stop thanking you for the magical changes in my voice. Thanks A MILLION for your patience and your encouragement and your keen ears and your vast knowledge of the human voice and thanking the universe that our paths crossed so I was able to access you. Thanks again from the bottom of my heart.... YOU gave me a second lease on life...I FEEL NORMAL FOR THE FIRST TIME IN OVER 25 YEARS... DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS?.IT MEANS THE WORLD TO ME...YOU ARE A SAINT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

  • Stefan Wilson, Trinidad:
    "I feel a lot freer. I feel my voice is better. It was very much so worth it to fly to Canada. I might move to Canada. Words cannot express how I feel right now. I want to sing to people and see their jaws drop instead of mine! I am very grateful, I feel a lot better, I feel I can sing for hours now. My throat doesn't hurt at all. I'm not perfect yet, but I'm 100% better. I feel much more comfortable, more relaxed, more like myself than like somebody trying to force it. It was definitely worth it to stay for extra time and definitely worth my time and money. I go home with a new feeling when I sing. I feel like my voice is really a spirit and people can hear and feel my spirit."

  • Jonghee Shadix - Voice Repair Client, Alabama:
    "I feel great. I feel really good. I can see the difference in my voice. And I understand everything that you taught me. I would definitely be happy to write to other people on www.voicematters.net and tell them about my positive experience here and that I was happy to find you and I am very happy with the result."

  • Ashok Narayan, Johannesburg, South Africa:
    "I'm finally back home in Johannesburg. I'd like to thank you for the the wonderful sessions I had with you. I will always be in your debt for having taught me to speak painlessly. I know now that if I put in the effort, I can speak with a proper voice and that I don't have to go through life with the raspy voice that I had. My throat feels quite open now and although the voice is still a little high, I am sure that with proper practice of the techniques you have shown me, I will overcome this hurdle as well. And thank you for your wonderful hospitality, kindness and patience during the week that I was there.I will keep in touch to let you know how I'm doing."
  • John Duran, Professional Actor, Los Angeles, California:
    "I feel I learned a lot. The general principles have stuck with me and I just need to apply them. The same principles apply to both singing and speaking. I have a path now. Thank you! I feel a lot better. Thank God - that's what I have to say! I'm getting it more and more every day. It's about supporting yourself, biting on the words and using your cheekbone muscles. I have to be a "good tiger"! It was absolutely worth it to fly to Toronto. I had taken a lot of lessons in L.A. and there is no comparison. In LA they try to get you to take classes for as long as possible and teach you slowly over a long period of time things that don't work. And here you learn things that do work in a short period of time and it is worth the price. Thank you!"
  • Will Tsang, Professional Model/Actor, Hong Kong, China:
    "Thank you Diana so much for helping me find not only my voice but also my soul. You helped me find my real voice, which I thought was buried in the back of my throat forever. I am forever in your debt. Hope to see u on this side of the Pacific soon."
  • Takeshi Okamoto, Singer/Songwriter, Tokyo, Japan:
    "Diana's book, "Vocal Science - Flight to the Universe", inspired me and got me excited over the possibility of a new "universe" of vocal expression. So I decided to fly from Tokyo all the way to Toronto to receive instruction from her, and it has been worth every penny! I have taken 10 hours of instruction from her and I have learned much more than I have during my many years of singing in other institutions. My voice has completely changed and my vocal chords are no longer strained...and I am looking forward to 10 more hours with her over the next few weeks! Thank you for everything!!"
  • Orlando, Professional Singer, Okanagan Valley British Columbia:
    "I feel that as long as I adopt the habits that Diana has given me, I will not tire out my voice. It's easier to speak right now - the more I speak in the manner that she has taught me, the more comfortable my voice feels and the less it feels tired. It was absolutely worth it to fly in, even from Mexico where I was wintering. I feel the clarity and the power in my voice and hear the difference in my voice"
  • Tina Cross, Professional Singer, New Zealand:
    Question: How is your voice holding up now? Is the new technique helping?
    Answer: Absolutely! I'm getting to the point where I'm trusting that the placement that I have learned is starting to sink in. It's started to sink in and become muscle memory -everything we have been doing. It's getting better and better. It's just feeling easier to sing. It's becoming less difficult. Before when I sang this song at the funeral, obviously I was upset, but I also felt hoarse, strained and throaty. If I had had this technique I'm sure I would have been able to control it a lot better. My first impression of Vocal Science is one of amazement. I wasn't quite sure I could apprehend it since I had never heard of it before. After the Workshop and the 10 Hour course I can honestly feel that where Diana has taken my voice, and I have been singing professionally for the last 31 years, is to a completely different level ? another planet so to speak! I'm now singing with a different placement, more power, a brighter, stronger resonating sound. It's obviously in the vocal chamber now. I thank you from the bottom of my heart Diana because coming here and learning your method has been amazing. Thank you so much. Love you very much.?
  • Eve Brueggeman, Alaska, U.S.A:
    "I feel like I made a dramatic improvement and I feel a big difference in my voice. I wish I could come back. Or we will see you in Alaska! I feel like after five days, when I look at the Before and After Videos, I can see not only a difference in my voice, but also in how I look, my appearance (while singing), how I present myself. My voice is definitely much better. My throat feels good. We've been doing it for 1 and 1/2 hours straight now and I'm not coughing or clearing my throat. And that wouldn't be the case five days ago. I definitely have a good idea of what I am doing now and there is a huge improvement in the quality of my singing, especially the pitch and the tonality."
  • Frank Veal, Milton, Ontario:
    "Where do I begin? The first day I came I was sceptical. But we clicked and I learned so much. And for anyone taking this course - you need to put your trust in Diana - because she really knows her stuff. My voice doesn't hurt anymore and it sounds great. It really is a revolutionary method because nobody else is teaching this method. It's a great technique and now I can sing all of my songs without hurting my voice. It was a great course. It seemed at first like it was expensive, but you have to pay big money for great things and it was well worth it."
    This is an excerpt from Frank's letter addressed to us several weeks after his 10 hours of Pre-Voice Repair and Vocal Instruction, as well as attending a Vocal Science 2 Day Interactive Workshop:
    "My voice is so much stronger thx to taking that seminar. I'm much more confident and more on key. MY VOICE RARELY, EVER HURTS!! The technique you teach is amazing! "
  • Joey Vaillancourt, Ottawa, Ontario:
    "It was definitely worth it to drive (to Toronto) from Ottawa. I never would have learned this new method - the better method! I definitely enjoyed my trip and I will do it again for a refresher course. It was professional, disciplined and more advanced than any other program that I have taken."
  • Jordan Roy, Chatham, Ontario:
    "It's so easy on my throat. I want to come up here (to Toronto) all the time!"
  • Lily Cheng, Professional Singer from Taiwan:
    "It was awesome!!! My singing used to sound so 'blahhh". And I really hated when Diana pointed out how I was trapping everything in my neck. I feel so much better now. I look forward to practicing this new technique and improving and hopefully coming back to study with Diana again next year. I hope Diana will be pleased with what she hears when I return. Thank you so much Diana! "
  • Azhar Usman, Professional Comedian, Chicago, U.S.A.:
    "I feel much better. I think this is a revolutionary technique. And I just need to practice it and rehearse and make sure that I am speaking correctly - breathing, supporting, "smiling and biting", make sure that the cheekbone muscles are being implemented properly and visualizing the circles. I'm going to keep working on it and it is my intent to come back for a refresher course. My voice feels much better right now. I came to Toronto with literally a nodule on my vocal chord after effectively having damaged and abused my vocal chords for some time. It was absolutely worth it to come to Toronto from Chicago and I would strongly recommend this course to anybody that is struggling with their vocal chords, looking to not only fix their problem in a healthy way, but to also adopt a new technique that will allow them to speak or sing without abusing their vocal chords."
  • Sandra Valks, Bellville, Ontario:
    "I'm feeling much more light and I'm starting to feel it up in here in my cheekbone muscles and it's not catching in my throat as often. I really like the sound now. I'm catching it - your "virus" you know! A good "virus"! You're in my system now. I'm not coughing or clearing my throat at all. It was definitely worthwhile to drive all the way from Belleville and it was definitely worth my money, my time and my effort."
  • Yvette Laukaitis, Austin, Texas:
    "It's been an incredible week, an emotional week. Everything that has happened in my life seems to have come up here - fear, feeling not good enough, all that stuff. So what I can say about this week is: 1. My voice has been set free again. 2. I feel better overall - I feel joy, freedom, excitement. I think the biggest thing I got was hope. I wanted to leave here with hope and I am. Without hope there is no faith. It's been an incredible week. There were moments when you were ruthlessly compassionate and I mean that in a very good way. So I'm very grateful and I definitely recommend the course and I will certainly tell everybody in Texas about it."
  • Lisa Progulske, Massachusetts, U.S.A.:
    "It was an awesome trip. I met an incredible brilliant woman who has really helped me a lot - mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally and vocally. I learned a great deal and I would definitely recommend the course to all singers - period!"
  • Lisa Larriere, Timmins, ON:
    "Diana, I need to tell you that after 5 beautiful days, very difficult days, very emotional days, I have blossomed. I am ready to just jump right into it. I feel confident with it and know exactly what I need to do. Your beautiful face is going to stick in my mind. You are amazing!"
  • Johnny Aho, Recording Artist, Sudbury, ON:
    "I feel and hear a big difference. Singing is way easier. I have more control and my voice is flying off the vocal chords. I feel more balance and my singing is more consistent. I can project notes properly above my guitar. Thank you very much. I feel way better. My singing keeps getting clearer. There is now much less pinching on my neck and less of a nasal sound - more from the heart! I now know what I'm looking for and I can't wait to practice."
  • Kelly Evans, Ottawa, ON:
    "It was definitely worth the drive from Ottawa. I feel much less pain in my singing. And I totally agree with Diana. If people listened to a recording of me before the course and again after the lessons, it would sound like two different people to them. Thanks Diana!!!"
  • Quintin Cornelissen, New Zealand:
    "It was definitely worth the flight even though I originally came to Toronto for a different but related purpose. It's been great! My singing has totally changed. No problems in the throat - it feels amazing now. The quality is totally different. My voice has opened right up. I now feel like I'm singing on key and it's now easy to stay in key."
  • Carole Duff, Burlington, ON:
    "I think I am a much better singer. The whole concept makes a lot of sense. I definitely feel more comfortable and natural sounding - my singing is less fake sounding. I can now sing longer without straining and my voice feels much better, even after singing for a long time."
  • Marion Webster, Bluegrass Singer, Nodule on the right Vocal Chord, Massachusetts, U.S.A.:

    Question: How is your throat?
    Answer: Good! I feel good. No pain! No strain! Nothing!
    Question: You were very skeptical to begin with and it took quite an effort to get you in. Was it worth it?
    Answer: It was SO WORTH IT because I haven't been able to sing since August. And I'd just been so depressed because I couldn't sing. And now I can sing! And I have hope. I know I have to take it slow and practice these new techniques. But I'm so happy that I can sing again and I love this particular technique because I feel so up and positive. I love smiling and biting while I sing. I just think Diana is brilliant with her work and I recommend it highly. I came here with two nodules that were diagnosed in August and I know that they are now either gone or almost gone. I'm so grateful that I know how to sing now so that they won't come back. And I have musician friends and my band back home that want me back singing and I am so grateful that I can sing again. Thank you Diana!

    This is an excerpt from Marion's letter addressed to us several weeks after her 10 hours of Voice Repair and Vocal Instruction:
    "I thank God for sending me to you, my voice repair angel of hope! Thank you, thank you & I'll be letting you know about all the joyful singing in my life. Many blessings to you in your important work and also in your new marriage! "

  • Tone Aarstad - Voice Repair Client/Up and Coming Artist, New York:
    "Thank you so much for fixing my voice & making it possible for me to sing again. Words cannot describe how thankful I am for what you have done and what I have learned from you. I thank you for the knowledge and making something possible that I may not have dared to dream about only 1 month ago. There is no reason for anybody to be skeptical. I'm a different person - this has really changed my whole singing experience. It's amazing! I'm a new person going back to New York. It was so worth it to come from New York and you can't measure this in money."
  • Tim Myth - Professional Singer/Songwriter, Montreal:
    "Diana is a revolutionary, true Trail Blazer! Watch out - she's coming for you! It was definitely worth it to come to Toronto for 5 days and I am very fortunate to have met her."
  • Dennis Goltaio - Singer, Tacoma, Washington:
    "Before when I would sing a song my voice would be shot for weeks. I wouldn't be able to sing again. Now I can sing, do vocal exercises and I can sing for a long time and not feel it the next day. It's incredible. I wish that we didn't have to mess up our voices before we learned we were doing something wrong. I'm glad I came for the course."
  • Troy Hall, Professional Salesperson, Nodules on both Vocal Chords, Fresno, California:
    "It was absolutely worth it to come to Toronto. It was a fantastic experience. My voice is like night and day. When I first got here I could barely speak. Now one of the nodules is still there - it takes time to heal - but the procedure has been phenomenal and it feels clear on the left side of my throat where the other nodule had been. Learning how to speak correctly - stomach in, body out, projection. I'm still learning, but I'm going to get it. It's phenomenal. I can't say enough."


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